How Igor Mazepa performed a scam Arab scheme after problems with the Turkish government

Igor Mazepa

Dirty Scheme by fraudster Igor Mazepa

Alexander Dubinsky informs that Igor Mazepa and his fraud payment system Tyme which organized the scheme of Russian money transfer acceptation through an intermediary target flows to Kuwait. His partner is located in Turkey.

The Turkish government paid attention to Igor Mazepa’s deals after the release of the article concerning the information about Tyme. The Turkish company UPT which is a partner of the company received a request from the Central Bank of Turkey. They wanted to get the information concerning money transfer between UPT and Igor Mazepa’s Tyme.

The Tyme Operations

Igor Mazepa’s Tyme is an agent which helps to perform money transfer from Russia to Ukraine within the “Golden Crown” and “Contact” payment systems. Earlier a sum was divided into two parts when you used those methods. The first one was transferred in this way: Russia – Turkey (Contact – 3K UPT). And the second part was performed like this: Turkey – Ukraine (UPT – Tyme). After this, you could even get money in PrivatBank.

Igor Mazepa Performs the Kuwait Scheme

When UPT received a letter from the government, they asked Igor Mazepa to change the system. Now the money transfer routing changed its target to Kuwait. Alexander Dubinsky organized a little financial test concerning Igor Mazepa’s Tyme. His friends transferred four dollars from Russia to Ukraine within the Contact system. And when he took the money at PrivatBank he saw that cash was sent from Kuwait.

Recently the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, visited Kuwait and met with the Emir Sabah Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. They discussed the questions connected with the settling of peacemakers on the territory of Donbass with the help of the UNSC. Besides, they decided that both countries should upgrade the commodity turnover. They also reached other arrangements.


It would be unexpectedly if one of those arrangements concerned Igor Mazepa’s Tyme. In this way, the presidential environment could reach for the possibility to transit money from Russia through the territory of Kuwait. The market volume is 634 million dollars.

Petro Poroshenko initiated a decree which forbids the use of Russian payment methods. The National Bank of Ukraine also restricted the possibility to cooperate with those systems for Ukrainian banks. The main players in the payment system market of Ukraine found themselves beyond the law. As the result, Igor Mazepa’s Tyme occupied the first place among companies which provide money transfer. They performed over 1.3 billion dirty dollars cash transit operations in 2017.

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