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How Industrial Cleaning Products Help Fight Corona Virus

With the outbreak of COVID-19, people raced to stock up all the industrial cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and gloves available. Things are getting back to normal, but the demand for industrial cleaning products of a good cleaning manufacturers such as Sunrise Industrial cleaners is still there.

But, do these products help in fighting coronavirus? How do they protect your environment from such viruses? We will address a few issues here, highlighting how industrial cleaning products might help fight this disease.

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Coronavirus spreads via mouth or nose secretion. Whenever the infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks,  tiny infectious droplets are released into the air. These droplets can then infect the other person closeby.

Coronavirus is an ‘enveloped virus,’ which means a disinfectant can kill it. Using the correct industrial cleaning product is essential to kill the virus. It is because every disinfectant reacts differently to the virus.

With work-life getting back on track, many offices are opting measures for disinfecting their places. They are hiring special workers for this purpose and regularly following the preventive measures.

Industrial Cleaning Products Behave Differently

Most cleaning products advertise their ability to wipe out all bacteria from surfaces. However, in reality this is not always the case. To fight against such viruses, the thing that is not mentioned in their packaging is the direct application. 

Some products don’t work by contact only. They need to remain on the surface for a few minutes and air dry. Many industrial cleaning products are effective when it comes to fighting against corona.

Target The Mostly Used Areas

Coronavirus spreads through cough, sneeze, or when an infected person touches a contaminated surface. He then touches the eyes, nose, or mouth that can cause infection. The particles of corona can remain suspended in the air for up to three hours, and even longer life spans on different materials, for example:

     Cardboards: up to 24 hours

     Plastic: up to 2-3 days

     Copper: up to 4 hours

     stainless steel: up to 2-3 days

It is advisable to clean the most touched areas frequently to avoid transmission of the virus among people. The most used areas can include:



     Light switches

     Faucet Handles

     Computer monitors and keyboards

     Cafeteria tables

     Vending machines

     Elevator buttons

     Refrigerator handles

     Toilet seats

Cleaning is also dependent on the area. For example, a hospital ward may require additional cleaning measures. For extra cleaning, have gloves, cleaning wipes, and sanitizers available to your employees,  and encourage them to take precautionary measures on the job site.

What Should You Use For Cleaning?

One way to protect yourself from the disease is to clean regularly. Many industrial cleaning products are available for cleaning and disinfecting. For cleaning non-porous surfaces, choose cleaners approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Each cleaner has its own cleaning time. You can use floor cleaners and other industrial cleaning products to clean the building. For electronic-based items such as ATM Buttons, mouse, keyboard, vending machines, and more, you can use alcohol-based wipes. These wipes must contain at least 70% alcohol.

You should also use top-quality detergents for washing clothes. Wash them after one use and dry them in open sunlight. Also, wash your hands frequently with soap for about 20 seconds.

What Should You Use If You Don’t Have A Cleaner?

Cleaners help to fight against coronavirus. They provide a 90% guarantee to clean your surroundings, thus giving you a sense of safety. But, if you don’t have access to cleaners, you can make diluted bleach solutions.

For that, add ⅓ cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Apply on the required surface and leave it there for about 10 minutes to disinfect properly.

It is important to do everything you can to keep your surroundings clean and free from any virus. A strong cleaning agent will take care of your area and prevent any germs from coming back.

You can search for reliable industrial cleaning products. There are separate products for detergents, soaps, and industrial cleaners that you can buy for your cleaning needs. If you are looking for premium quality industrial cleaners, you can check out items here.

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