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How interior design influences the operation of a hotel

When it comes to hotel experiences, interior design can really be a decisive factor for customer (dis)satisfaction. Just imagine walking into a hotel lobby with old, ragged furniture and poor lighting - you probably won’t expect much of the rest of the hotel either. And naturally, if guests don’t feel comfortable in your hotel, the chances are high that they leave a negative review and never come back.  

Did you know that it only takes us about 7 seconds to build a first impression of a person or object? And this is perfectly fine when it’s a positive first impression. However, research has shown that negative first impressions lead to biases and prejudices that are often very hard to shake off. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – be sure to make it unforgettable! This article will show you how the interior design influences the success of a hotel and what you can do to improve your aesthetics and create a positive impression on your guests. 

Simple luxury 

Guests love luxury because they associate it with high quality. But to make a room look more luxurious, it is not necessary to buy expensive designer furniture. You can easily make your facilities seem extraordinary by carefully choosing the right furniture and decorations, rather than the most expensive ones. Think about the right colours, size and dimensions of the objects in a room and make sure they fit together. Introduce contrasts that catch the guest’s eye. And remember to keep it simple – less is more.  

Getting the lighting right 

This aspect is often overlooked in the interior design of hotel rooms – but it is highly important! Lighting affects the way we perceive space in a room. While dark rooms feel small and discomforting, bright rooms feel more spacious and inviting. And this can also affect mood and general comfort.  

When choosing the adequate lighting for your hotel rooms, consider the colour of the lights, intensity, and the right lampshades or chandeliers. These can have an amazing effect on the atmosphere in your hotel. Tip: Fairy lights in the dining room or garden terrace work wonders! 

Natural accents 

Although not everyone is aware of this, nature has many positive effects on us human beings. Being in nature has proven to reduce negative emotions such as stress, fear and anger, making you feel better emotionally. Use these effects in your favour by integrating natural elements into your hotel’s interior design. Local plants and flowers are not only nice to look at but can also improve the air quality in your facilities.  

Also, eco-friendly decorations and utensils like straws, table mats and soaps can look both elegant and more natural. The conscientious guest will appreciate it. In that sense, you could also think of specific scents that add to the atmosphere created by a room’s design. Give your guests something to remember! 

The importance of the overall package  

Sometimes, the hotel lobby looks great and so do the bedrooms and the spa area but then you get to the dining room which looks hideous. This one room can drag down the overall impression considerably. Make sure all your facilities follow the same standards and look equally appealing.  

Even if a room cannot be changed entirely, there are always way to improve it. Try to design it as inviting as possible with the resources given, and if that doesn’t help, think of visual distractions like flowers, paintings, a little water fountain, etc. Show your guests that you’re making an effort. 

Moving beyond aesthetics 

While a nice and clean interior design plays a significant role in the overall impression of a hotel and therefore in its success, there are other aspects that should not be overlooked: comfort and functionality.  

Luxurious chairs in the hotel restaurant may add to the room’s elegant atmosphere but if they’re not comfortable, your guests won’t stay sat for long. The same goes for the beds – nobody wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, no matter how good it looks. Making guest comfort is an integral part of your interior design.  

Similarly, functionality is key to making the hotel experience as smooth as possible. If a room is stuffed with too many objects that have no use at all, replace them with something that provides extra value for your guests. Make sure nothing is broken or damaged and if so, think of ways to make up for it. These little considerations will make your guests feel that they are in good hands. 

In summary 

Undoubtedly, how a room is designed and furnished has a great impact on how guests perceive it. And while furniture is obviously a big part of interior design, it is by no means the only one or the most important. Colours, lighting and decoration are equally relevant, as they contribute to a more positive overall impression.  

But keep in mind that your hotel will not only be looked at but also touched and felt, so don’t forget comfort and cosiness. Add good food and friendly staff to this and your guests will not want to leave. If you wish to have more customers and run a better business, you can contact Hoga.Search. They will help you find the right solutions for your hotel’s interior design in no time. 

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