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How IOT Has Made Work Easier for the HR Department

Technology is shaping the world towards a more intelligent future. The internet began gaining popularity in the early 2000s. Back then, you could only do most of the online interactions with a desktop computer. Then, smart phones came into the picture and transformed the basic handset from a simple communication gadget to a multipurpose electronic hardware. Times have now changed and tech is now faster and more efficient than ever before. More and more electronic gadgets are becoming intelligent and doing more than what they were traditionally designed to do. A good example is the smart watch and wrist bands. Your smart watch can execute commands on your smartphone due to a mechanism known as the internet of things (IoT). This technology allows the communication of machines through a network.

How Human Resource (HR) Technology has been Affected by IOT

1. Cloud Computing

Since 2012, business managers can testify that HR technology has gotten better. Back then, cloud computing had been initiated, and it made it super convenient for companies to store relevant information online. To make it better, the stored data can be easily accessed from any location and at any time using any internet enabled device thanks to artificial intelligence and IOT. In addition, cloud computing is not only easy to use and access, but also provides large storage spaces making it very convenient for businesses to store surplus information. In any case, several HR departments use cloud storage for emails and communication data between the heads of departments and employees.

2. Improved User Experience

Looking at the technology used by organizations today, it’s safe to say that the IT department is no longer in charge of the way certain things run. In fact, HR has now taken the wheel owing to the fact that software development has simplified what used to be complex systems. Nowadays, the HR department can easily make sense of employee data. Some HR management software have an in built analysis system that allows the interpretation of employee data for performance reviews. The application does this by collecting data from all machines used by the employees. HR technology has even raised the bar a notch higher, making it very simple for companies to evaluate customer service through customer surveys and reviews. By facilitating an exit interview questions and answers pdf, you give the employee a chance to take part in gaining and processing useful feedback and data to improve the company and its customer service. This, in the end, helps to improve customer service management which is crucial to any kind of business.

3. Recruitment made Easy

Gone are the good old days where the HR department had to rely on IT gurus to facilitate useful recruitment processes. This was mostly done through professional social media networks, and the IT departments would be in charge of providing some sort of access to these networks and the talent pool. However, thanks to the growth in popularity of social media, the HR department can now socialize and use these platforms to assess and access potential applicants both for both hiring and customer satisfaction needs. It has even made it easier for HR leaders to engage the customer fan base in useful discussions. In addition, most of the communication is carried out using different gadgets from any location. This means that if smartphones and tablets didn’t have multiple functionalities, social media wouldn’t be as popular as it is today, and the recruitment process would remain the same.

The technological discoveries and developments applied by the HR field have mostly been made possible by the internet of things. IOT has helped various human resource departments to improve the way employees and customers use the internet for business today.

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