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How is AR The New Face of Fashion Ecommerce In 2021?

Augmented reality has been in the buzz for a long time as companies have started to encounter a technological paradigm shift and upgrades. But it got a significant bounce after being hit by the pandemic in 2020 and continuing to get on our nerves. Clothing is an essential part of our living which can’t take a back seat. The pandemic situation gave a shift of the trend from offline brick and mortar shopping to online shopping.

With the confinement to the four walls of our homes, one thing that people can’t give up on is shopping. As clothing has been an integral part of life, brands are stretching their efforts to invent new ways to make this shift feasible through various technology-infused solutions like AR clothing try on.

Let’s know how AR clothing try on supports brands –

1.     Reduces Return Rate –

It is often seen that fashion brands face the most returns from online customers as they tend to buy and try the product, and if not suited, it results in product return. It impacts the brands negatively with diminishing profit margins.

AR clothing try-on can sort out this problem as customers are availed to try the clothes virtually hence making the better purchase decisions. It also reduces the requirement of buying multiple versions of a single product.

2.     Provide Relevant Consumer Data –

To stick by the competition and emerge as a winner, ecommerce companies need to work their fingers to the bone. Personalization is one such tool that a business needs to take care of while structuring a marketing plan. A customer wants to be heard, valued, and needs solutions tailored as per their needs.

You can leverage this data from AR sessions to track and measure users’ preferences and cater products accordingly. For instance, you can retarget a customer based on its shopping habits and show a personalized ad that showcases the same collection he purchased.

3.     Enhances Brand Loyalty –

According to research, 70% of consumers are loyal to the brands which enable AR as part of the shopping experience. It shows that Enabling AR clothing try-on can improve brand loyalty and customer retention.

This tactic can build a strong image of ecommerce companies in the eyes of customers and retain and attract potential customers in the long run.

4.     Propels Buyers Confidence –

Today a buyer needs to feel confident whatever he purchases online. This feature “try before you buy” enabled with augmented reality technology leads to simplifying the purchase process and making buyers understand what they are purchasing before placing an order, and eliminating all the chances of confusion and guesswork for their ecommerce purchases.

There is a demand for being very accurate in the fashion industry. Customers should observe and analyze the size, fit, and quality of products they are buying. The deployment of AR technology taking over the conventional ones retains & boosts customers’ confidence in purchasing.

Wrapping Up –

Augmented reality is a tactic that is here to stay. With the ever propulsion of the ecommerce industry and technological up-gradation, every seller wants to redefine its fashion game and deploy such marketing techniques that give a significant bounce in customers engagement, brand awareness, higher sales, etc. Thus, infusing technology in ecommerce not only benefits the shoppers but merchants as well.

So, if you think you will be encountering and getting benefits with AR technology for a longer span, the answer is yes! AR is the present and will continue to grow and transform into more significant forms in 2021 and coming years.

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