How is Football the Most Popular Sport in The World

How is Football the Most Popular Sport in The World

Ask anyone about the most popular game in the world and majority of times you will get the response “Football.” Although there exists a difference of opinion, where people consider cricket and rugby as the number one sport regarding popularity.

But even in that case, they will surely agree with the fact that football has the most extensive fan bases in the world of professional sports.

The popularity and fan following are increasing day by day, and the countries with no domestic football structure are encouraging their youngsters to play this game and help the country earn profits by utilizing the merits that football brings to the economy.

  • Simply simple:

Football is the most straightforward and most played sport worldwide. Even though there are numerous rules related to the game, but those rules are all simple enough for anyone to understand within a span of a game or two.

Football is played on a standard field, with usually the same shape and size. Moreover, there is no interruption due to weather or any other environmental reason which another reason why football is a pure sport. No interruption means no complicated calculations to decide a winner.

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Now, with development in the field of science, countries with extreme weather conditions can also play the game with ease. The simplicity is quite evident from the fact that people learn football barefooted and most of the football legends once played in the street football teams.

  • Available anywhere:

The availability of football matches is one of the best things about the game. Whether you are traveling, working in your office or doing something significant; you can watch football matches and catch up with the live action easily. The events, schedule, news, and stats are all available on TV, radio & internet for you to watch. If your favorite football team is not playing soon, there’s no problem. There are hundreds of local football games going on at the same time. You can stand in front of your window, looking down on your street. You will see children playing football every time which shows the availability that this sport has. The football updates are available on these platforms.

  • The excitement factor:

A football game comprises of 90 minutes of crazy and intense action. The results are decided mostly within the initial 90 minutes. If not then an additional time of 30 minutes is awarded for both teams to gain an advantage over the other. After these 30 minutes, penalties work as a decider. The excitement keeps on increasing with every passing minute.

The teams initiate the game with the objective to gain an early advantage over the opposition.

The players participating in the games are involved in the game. You will never see a player resting or sitting on the field. There comes further excitement when talented footballers show their skills and amaze the audience with their performance.

  • Betting opportunities:

Betting is the best sources of earning for a fan from any sport. The betting opportunities are numerous in football. Many fans say that the betting is far more exciting than the football game itself. Many sites explain the betting procedures and the odds of everything that might happen on the field. You can learn how to bet, on the internet.

  • A part of the culture:

We can confidently say that football is not just a sport but instead has become an integral part of our culture. We often see fans crying when their team loses an important match. The football is an even national sport in many countries.

The football rivalries are quite famous nowadays. The rivalries are not territorial or nationality based but are instead based on the competition prevailing between two football clubs. The rivalries are famous even among the citizens of countries where football is not prioritized nationally. The most popular football rivalries are here.

  • Cost efficiency:

Football is way more cost beneficial than other sports like cricket, formula one or polo. The football club might charge a large sum of fees for members to play and train. But as a football fan, the small kids or youngsters need one ball and an area to play and that all. It is one of the leading reason behind the popularity of football in the African countries.

Football gives the poor citizens, the satisfaction that at least there is something which they can enjoy even in this poverty.

The advanced and professional level requires a higher investment, but the thing is that you can play the game with just one football if you want to. The African Football Teams are the ones with least revenue running through their system, but still, they are sustaining brilliantly.

  • Pace on the field:

You cannot expect a game to be as volatile and pact as the football games. The 90 minutes are what the players get to express themselves and see their team home. The restrictive period is what makes the game pact. The players eat their heart out and put their passion and hardworking in the game to make use of the limited time.

No other sport can promise you this kind of intensity and pace running throughout the encounter between two teams. The game happening on the field reflects a battle between the offense and defense. Every goal and scoring opportunity is cheered by the crowd wholeheartedly.

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