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How Is Nanotechnology Used In Car Care

Nanotechnology is applied in the car due to the uniqueness of the chemical properties of its products. It is also applied to improve the car's performance during operation. The application of nanotechnology on vehicles provides better strength and durability of the car. This type of technology is applied to body parts, emissions, tires, and even engines. Nanotechnology is widely used in the car to expand the life of the car.

Here is an overview of how nanotechnology is applied in car care

Nanotechnology is applied in ceramic coating

  Many individuals wonder what ceramic coating is. Ceramic coating is the additional layer added on the top of the painting of the car. It helps in protecting the surface of the car by forming a hydrophobic coat layer. The ceramic coating does not interfere with the paint color of your car. It also helps protect the car from wear and tear. Ceramic coating is very much different from ceramic spraying. A ceramic coating can last up to 3-4 years if done properly.

You can opt for professional help or do the coating on your own. The DIY option depends on the skills you have in the automobile. There are innumerable DIY ceramic coating tips to help you out. You can access the tips from YouTube or any other social media platform. You can also go through reviews of car owners who used this option before.

There are innumerable nanotechnology ceramic coating products for you to choose from. These products include the Nexgen ceramic spray. It contains silicon dioxide that forms a protective layer of nanoparticles on the surface of the car. This helps in keeping the car safe from water spots, dust, and even the direct UV rays from the sun. The more you spray the NexGen ceramic spray, the more you protect your car from harsh elements which cause corrosion to the paint.

You can use the Adams ceramic boost. The Adam ceramic boost helps retain the glossy look of your car. It also helps in preventing water spots once applied on the surface of the car. This is because of the hydrophobic nature it forms on the surface of the car. It is also much easier to clean the car.


Why you should go for ceramic coating

 Firstly, the ceramic coating helps protect the car from harsh UV rays from the sun. This is because the UV rays cause dullness and fading on the surface of the car. Secondly, it makes the paint last longer. Thirdly, it protects the car from any rust or any damage caused by water or any other substance. Lastly, the coating makes the car easy to make. This is because it becomes repellent to mud and any water spots.

Ceramic coating vs wax

Ceramic coating vs wax has confused many car owners. Many believe that coating is the same as wax. This is because both perform one main role of protecting the car's exterior surfaces. One of the main differences between ceramic coating and wax is that: car wax is obtained from natural substances while ceramic coating products are made from inorganic substances such as silica. You can decide to apply both the ceramic coating and the wax if you like. There are many suggestions that once you apply the ceramic coating there is no need for car waxing.

Final words


In conclusion, nanotechnology is used in car care in many ways. The above article clearly illustrates how the technology is applicable in ceramic coating.

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