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How Is SEO Related To Your Google My Business Platform?

Google My Business, abbreviated as GMB, is a free tool offered by Google that manages the appearance and the performance of a local business site. Growing business over an online portfolio means attracting more web traffic to the particular website.

In the case of any local business, it is of utmost importance to optimize Google My Business listing. SEO consultants in Brisbane encourage the same methods which help in optimizing, that is, their Google My Business listing, thus gaining in more customers and more web traffic.

Google My Business

Over the recent span of years, our dependence on internet platforms has kept on increasing, following a rapid curve. Google has emerged as the most popular search engine. Many tools of Google like Youtube, Google Assistant or even Chrome browser have become a part of our day-to-day lives. Similarly, for local business owners and local SEOs, an essential Google tool is Google My Business.

Google My Business is nothing but a multi-purpose tool offered by Google that helps local business sites manage their positions on Google Maps and ranking in Google search results. It is vital for the individual to understand how to fit Google My Business into his particular content strategy.

Google My Business, at present, has exceeded the bounds of the simple business listing. Owing to new features, it is considered as an integral part of Local SEO. Google My Business does not create any different website for an existing business platform. It complements the pre-existing business site by giving it a wider public identity and presence. This is achieved by a listing on Google.

Why Create GMB Listing?

The first step towards a local search success is creating a GMB listing. It helps in providing the greatest impact for the brands that seek local exposure. Any site needs to increase its visibility and ranking in search results. GMB listing is a compelling and dynamic process that enables potential users to find the webpage, learn about it and engage with the business. Providing inaccurate information should be avoided as it kills the listings, resulting in low rankings on the search engine. And the best part of all this is that it’s completely free!

Where Does Google My Business Listing Appear?


Initially, after loading a search result, the google search engine welcomes us with a few ads which are paid, which target the users for their business. The “local pack” then appears just after this section of ads. This is the first section where the Google My Business listing can appear. The top three local listing rankings appear in this local pack. When a brand search is performed, information from the Google My Business listing appears on Google’s Knowledge Panel. This panel appears in the top-right hand corner of Google search results on desktop.

The second place where the Google My Business listing can appear is the “more places” link. This expands the local pack and shows the local business listings based on the user query entered in the search bar. The organic results section appears at the end, where the websites complete their ranking placement.

In cases where some business is dominating the market based on the geographic search location, Google My Business listing can appear on the right-hand side of the Google search in a solo manner. This provides maximum local visibility to the business web page, bringing in enormous web traffic by engaging a maximum number of potential users.

Improves User Engagement

It is a pretty common phenomenon that users enter Google and exit without visiting any website. Optimizing the business website makes it look much more presentable and engaging. It attracts more and more users to the website, resulting in more web traffic. Thus, keeping the business a notch above other competitors in the same scenario. SEO consultants in Brisbane suggest “On-Page Optimization,” which makes the page more engaging to the users. This enhances the visibility of the web page, which provides more exposure to the business and paves the way to more leads.

Boosts Local Ranking

As mentioned earlier, using Google My Business for local SEO is very important for local businesses. The website's ranking depends on many factors. Proximity and relevance are the most common factors that determine the order of a page, according to Google’s algorithm for ranking business profiles. Other than proximity and relevance, activity and quality of information on the page also determine its local ranking. The following factors determine the local ranking of a web page:

        Proximity refers to the distance between the search and the business or company.

        Relevance checks if the search queries are relevant to the services offered.

        Prominence refers to the views of the potential customers about the products and services provided.

Converts Increased Customers

A regular Google Business Profile does not help much in gaining potential customers. Using SEO in GMB increases the density of keywords and optimizes it. An optimized Business Profile through GMB enables users to discover the webpage using keywords, which increases the probabilities of users visiting the webpage.

SEO consultants in Brisbane use the best keyword research tool, which is essential for the growth of the business. Optimizing a page also makes it more responsive, which always has a positive impact on the end-users. Creating a page responsive reduces its loading time and attracts more potential customers.

Improved ROI

The use of SEO in Google My Business improves the Return On Investment (ROI). SEO consultants in Brisbane use time-tested SEO methodologies which lead potential customers straight to the desired destination, which is the front door of the webpage.


Using SEO in Google My Business profiles optimizes the content and appearance of the webpage in a manner that attracts a maximum number of potential customers, hence fulfilling the business goals. It is equally essential to maintain the web pages, checking for regular reviews by the end users and making necessary improvements. This increases user engagement with the business page and also builds authority for the page.

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