How Lapel Pin can help your Business in Growth

There was a time when companies used to enjoy monopoly and thus were least concerned about the promotional activities to lure the customers out. But slowly and steadily that scenario changed a new company entered the market and were competing amongst each other. With that into play, the new concept of branding and promotional activities was originated to make the name of the company and to make sure that people recognise their brand name no matter. Among all the forms of advertising such as tv, internet, print media, etc., one medium has hold its ground over the period of time and that medium none other than personalised lapel pins. Lapel Pins are nothing but a small pin which worn over a cloth and which contains a special logo or some sort of saying which promotes the company or individuals. It becomes important that we select lapel pin design with utmost care and keeping in mind the effect it will create in the mind of its onlookers. Lapel pins are commonly used in political campaigns, promoting a product or brand, given to employees to create a sense of belongingness, given to students to felicitate them for their achievements, etc. Here some points which will explain why lapel pins play an important role in business growth.

 It Gives a Unique Identity:

Many companies these days give their employees special lapel pins with some specific design or with the company logo on it. This lapel pin helps in giving each employee a chance to stand apart as a group when they out in some meeting wherein other companies are also participating. A well proper lapel pin design can make the difference when you are in some sort of meet.

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A lapel pin can create a sense of belongingness in the mind of employees for the company. It imposes positive emotions and promotes a sense of comradeship amongst all. A simple lapel pin can create a positive environment in the workplace as it creates a sense of unison inside employees’ mind. This makes a positive impact in the minds of people and makes your company or group move towards the same objective.

Using it for a Cause:

Lapel pins can also be designed specifically to show someone’s support to someone else in a social gathering. It is used during elections where people wear pins representing the political party they are supporting and representing. It can also use in the company to show support to a fellow employee suffering from cancer and support them to fight back the same.


Sometimes customized lapel pin designs are used to spread awareness among people. They may represent a concern for some disease and be used as awareness pins. For example, the use of red ribbon for AIDS is quite common. Sometimes they may also be used for some silent protest or to be worn by a group of people to show their support for or against something specific.

Acknowledging and Rewarding Achievements:

You could present lapel pins to your employee as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement for his or her years of dedicated services to the organization, or for specific achievement or project thus, building pride and motivation. You must be grateful for the priceless input of your staff by giving service awards like custom watches, BSN pins, custom rings, etc. For various events, competitions or even contests recognizing and awarding people for their fantastic efforts with an amazing lapel pin would make the occasion a truly memorable one.

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Overall lapel pin designed specifically for some of the above-mentioned functions can help you out in achieving individual as well as company goal. As lapel pin always creates a brand image and builds your business.

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