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How Long Does A Hedge Trimmer Battery Last?

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Lots of cordless hedge trimmers are available in the market at various prices. The very factor that determines which hedge trimmer you should buy depends upon that trimmer’s battery backup. Property owners usually prefer high-quality and powerful battery-operated hedge trimmers for their gardens. These machines are eco-friendly and produce zero emissions while in use.


Any branded cordless hedge trimmers can work up to 50 minutes. But electric and gas operated ones can run for endless hours. But these machines come with a set of their disadvantages and demerits. Gas propelled versions are heavy, while cordless trimmers are compact and portable. 


In large gardens, a cordless hedge trimmer requires an uninterrupted battery backup. There are two types of batteries available for cordless hedge trimmers; 20V lithium-ion batteries and 40V batteries. Most of these cordless hedge trimmers use either of these two variants. 


The 40V batteries are reserved for heavy trimming and pruning over a wide area, while 20V batteries are used for moderate trimming and pruning for a limited-sized garden. Usually, the higher the battery number, the greater will be its efficiency and backup. The battery capacity is generally indicated in Ah or amp-hours unit on the battery label. You can see here how to use hedge trimmer.


Battery Backup of Cordless Hedge Trimmers 

On average, the 20-V battery can last long up to 40 to 50 minutes, and 40V battery gives around 90 minutes backup. Heavy trimming and pruning of big trees or shrubs mean continuous consumption of the machine’s battery power. Therefore, you may need a 40-V lithium-ion battery for that purpose. A 40-V battery in your trimmer works much more efficiently than its 20-V counterparts. 


Generally, 20-V batteries are considered apt for a small-sized garden. A 20-V battery is affordable, compact and easily available at any shop that sells cordless hedge trimmer or its spares. If you have a cordless hedge trimmer that is compatible with 20-Volt batteries, then you should keep a pair of two such batteries at your home. If one of the batteries get drained while in use, then you can easily use the alternative one. 


Popular Cordless Hedge Trimmers with Higher Battery Backup Options


You can also opt for upgraded cordless hedge trimmers that support a single 40-V battery for heavy use. Let’s take a look at some of these multipurpose hedge trimmers that you can buy for your trimming and pruning. 


Greenworks Tools G40HT: The G40HT is touted as one of the best hedge trimmer brands in the market. It is compatible with a 40-volt max lithium-ion battery for heavy use. You can use it for a longer duration and several hours without any worries. 


Bosch Advanced Hedge Cut: If you are looking for a hi-quality hedge maintenance machine, then you can go for Bosch Advanced Hedge Cut. It facilitates hassle-free trimming and pruning at various angles depending upon your needs. It offers a blade length of 540mm and has a 20 mm tooth opening. The trimmer is compatible with a -V battery and can last up to 60 minutes.


SWIFT EB518D2 You can also buy SWIFT EB518D2– another well-performing trimmer brand in the market. The machine supports heavy-powered 40V 80Wh Lithium battery that gives you a runtime of up to 60-minutes for heavy trimming. If you haven’t tried any cordless trimmer ever, then you can test it for easy and efficient hedge maintenance.


The Conclusion

Two major considerations before buying a cordless hedge trimmer are the battery power and the size of your garden. Lithium-ion batteries always work well because they perform with full capacity for uninterrupted functioning. You can quickly recharge such a battery anytime through their charger.


A word of caution; You can always choose a cordless hedge trimmer with varied battery backup capacities. But these batteries won’t last longer than a maximum of two hours. If you need a trimmer that operates for more than couple of hours, then go for an electric hedge trimmer.

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