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How Long Does A Loft Conversion Last?

Most homeowners intending to carry out loft conversion want to know how long the project will take. Although loft conversions differ, the process requires a general timeframe and understanding this timeframe will help you know how long your loft conversion will last.

However, you have to understand that every loft conversion is different and having a converted loft requires several steps. Every loft conversion has three basic stages, namely, the design, planning and building phases.

The details of these steps are as follows.

Design stage

This stage involves drawing the design for your loft conversion. The design stage has two phases.

The first phase covers scheduling an appointment with an expert design team comprising of an architect. The architect will visit your property and survey your environments to get the necessary information about your property. This may likely take about 2 – 4 weeks.

Your design team must consider different factors like the headroom, fire access, access to the loft, and your accommodation needs to design your perfect loft. This will help them draw the proposed loft conversion plan.

The design team will make available different loft designs for you to choose from. When you choose the perfect design, the loft conversion team will submit the plan to your local planning and building authority to get the necessary permits to carry out your loft conversion

  • Getting planning permissions for a loft conversion

Some loft conversions in London do not require planning permission, but you would need to get planning permission if yours exceeds certain limits. Regardless of your need for planning permission, you have to adhere to building regulation laws.

Getting planning permission usually takes about 4 – 6 weeks, and you need to know if you need planning permission before you start a loft conversion. Ensure the conversion meets building regulation requirement because failing to adhere to this requirement makes the planning and designing process stressful.

You can get more information about planning permission on the planning portal.

Planning stage

The exact duration to get approval for the approval of a loft plan varies in the UK and mostly depends on the timescale of the local authority. Your local planning authority can give you an estimated time to get approval.

Having a loft design that complies with your local regulations and rules ensures your plan gets approved, so you don’t have to start the designing stage again.


When your local planning and building authority approves your loft design, the project manager will meet with you to agree on a convenient time to start the loft conversion. You will also get information on when your loft conversion will be completed.

You would get a detailed schedule for the loft conversion, materials needed, and the loft conversion order before the project starts.

Your loft conversion team may decide to start with the roof and exterior work, then carry out internal roof work before installing the staircase to join the loft to other parts of the house, adding decorations and furnishings.

Different types of loft conversions have varying duration to complete the work, and they are usually different from one another. For example, Velux loft conversions which are the most straightforward loft conversion, can be completed within four weeks. A dormer lost conversion can get completed within 4 – 6 weeks depending on the size, while hip-to-gable loft conversion takes about six weeks.

If converting a loft involves replacing the whole roof, like in a Mansard loft conversion, the project will take about 7 – 8 weeks.

Note that you would have a wait time between planning and creating the room off-site, even for a loft conversion which involves extending an existing room in the roof. You would need to consider the time for creating access to the room and installing the staircase.

General timeline for a loft conversion

It is important for people with jobs and families that require loft conversion to know what the projects involve and what to expect at specific periods. The timeline below is an estimate for a standard loft conversion.

  • Week 1 - 2

During the first week of a loft conversion, the conversion team will prepare and organise equipment and materials needed for the job. The loft conversion deliveries will arrive on-site, and the construction team will raise the scaffolding and create a hole in the room for access.

During the first stage, the work needed is done outside the house or within the roof space, and by the second week, the construction to secure the roof structure will commence.

  • Week 3 and 4

During the third and fourth work, the constriction team will move the work inside the loft and install floor support. They will also fix the internal stud walls, insulation and ventilation. If the loft conversion is a complex one, the team will complete the external roof work at this stage and install the windows. The team can complete the loft conversion by the fourth week if it is a small and simple project.

  • Week 5, 6, and 7

During this stage, the construction team will install the staircase and connect the loft to other parts of the house. They will also fix additional bannisters and handrail in the staircase and add plasterwork, if necessary. The team will also plasterboard the loft, plaster and paint it.

The final stage of loft conversion involves carrying out the carpentry, plumbing and electrical works. You may decide to decorate the room at this stage.

If your loft conversion requires a roof terrace, balcony or multiple rooms, it will require more time. Generally, loft conversion lasts as short as one month to a maximum of three months.


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