How many countries can you visit with a Dominican passport?


Dominican Government working very hard for the last few years to increase the list of countries where their people can visit without a visa. At last, they achieve their goal and increase the number of visa-free countries. In 2018, the Dominican PM show his successful efforts publicly and announce the name of visa-free countries.

They agree with UAE, China, and South Africa. In 2019, people having Dominican passports get the opportunity to visit Russia without a visa. Those people can visit as a tourist for 3 months or 90 days. Dominican passport holders visit Ukraine without a visa in 2019. But without a visa tour between the United Arab Emirates and Dominica occur in early 2020. In January 2020, the Uzbekistan government sign an agreement for the passport holders of Dominica. According to that agreement, Dominican people can visit Uzbekistan for one month without a visa 多米尼克 护照.

As Dominican government consistently negotiates with other countries and makes visa-free agreements.  So, the list of the countries continuously changes. But below given is the up-to-date list of countries where you can visit with a Dominican passport.

Countries to Visit with Dominican Passport

American Countries:    

·       Argentina:

You can visit the Argentina state with a Dominican passport as well as with ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) approval. You can stay there for 3 months.

·       Brazil:

People with Dominican passports can visit Brazil for 180 days but stay there only for three months.

·       Ecuador:

You can also visit Ecuador for 3 months with a Dominican passport.

·       Panama:

Also, you can visit Panama with a Dominican passport and stay there for 3 months.

Even more, you can also visit some other American States like Belize, Colombia, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela with a Dominican passport.

European Countries:

·       Andorra:

Those Dominican peoples having a passport can visit Andorra and stay there for three months.

·       Austria:

Dominican people can also travel to Austria for 4 months but stay there for 3 months.

·       Croatia:

With the Dominican passport, people can visit Croatia for 4 months but can stay there only for 3 months.

·       Czech Republic:

People having Dominican passports can visit the Czech Schengen area for 4 months can stay there for three months only.

·       Portugal:

Without a visa, you can also travel to Portugal with a Dominican passport for 4 months.

Moreover, you can also visit some other European countries with a Dominican passport. These countries are Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, and Ukraine, etc.

Asian Countries:

·       Bahrain:

People with Dominican passports can also travel to Bahrain with the approval of ETA. They can stay there for 3 months.

·       Indonesia:

You can also visit Indonesia with a Dominican passport and stay there for 3 months.

·       Maldives:

Also with a Dominican passport, you can travel to the Maldives and stay there for 3 months or sometimes more.

Further, you can also visit Bangladesh, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Uzbekistan with a Dominican passport.

African Countries:

·       Botswana:

People having Dominican passports can spend a year in the country but stay only for three months.

·       Kenya:

You can visit Kenya with a Dominican passport and can spend three months there.

·       Mauritius:

People are allowed to visit Mauritius with Dominican passports.

You can also visit Swaziland, Gambia, Malawi, and Tanzania with a Dominican passport.

Caribbean Countries:

·       Bahamas:

Citizens of Dominica can stay in the Bahamas for one month.

·       Cuba:

You can spend 28 days in the cube with Dominican passports.

·       Haiti:

With a Dominican passport, you can spend 3 three months in Haiti.

You can also travel to Antigua, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Tobago with a Dominican passport.

1.     Oceania Countries:

·       Fiji:

People of Dominica can spend 120 days in Fiji.

·       Micronesia:

People of Dominica can travel to Micronesia and stay for a month there.

·       Vanuatu:

Passport holders of Dominica can stay there for a month.

Final Verdicts

Dominican passport ranked 33rd in the Passport Index list of 2021. Hence Dominican passport also considers powerful. Dominican government does a lot of work and expands the number of countries where their people can visit with Dominican passport. Many of the African, Asian, American, European countries allow the Dominican people to visit their countries. Moreover, allow them to stay for a maximum of 3 to 6 months. Few countries also want ETA approval.