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How More Effective Packaging Approvals Can Help You Avoid You A Recall

Every year more than 10% of produced products end up recalled due to mislabelling and once in a lifetime every manufacturer faces this issue multiple times. What is the cause of such errors that leads to loss of money and reputations, and is there any solution?

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Every year hundreds of products had to return to their manufacturer due to small issues and end up being discarded without any value. This leads to waste of material, labor, cost, and also the reputation of the brands. Sometimes lawsuits also happen and legal battles cause a lot of money. All these recalls are because of small ignorance that happened in the packaging process and lead to a big fuss in future

Why Recalls Happen In The First Place?

Recalls happen due to minor mistakes in the packaging process like proofreading errors, typos, missing crucial information, etc. Some lead to wrong printing or wrong packagings like the presence of impurities or contamination or packing wrong products, etc. All these packaging errors are small and can be easily solved with more attention and usage of the right tools as in proofreaders and artwork approval software, etc. 

In this very competitive world, managing your artwork and packaging can be a difficult task. It is a process that has complexities and requires intricate attention. An automated system is the best adaptation to this rapidly changing and evolving world when it comes to managing your artwork. Online solutions provide many advantages over traditional methods and are the perfect tool to keep up with the changing times. 

Artwork flow is one such renowned system that can enhance the growth of your business by managing your artwork and packaging process. It is a cloud-based artwork management platform. The software is word class and is trusted by many brands as well. With the trust of clients and brands, it has risen up to be one of the top software for managing the artwork process. This is the best way to optimize your label, artwork, and packaging management. Explore to discover the various tools and services of Artwork Flow. 

Kind Of Recalls That Usually Happen And How You Can Avoid Them?

Recall Costs Due To Mislabelling

A product gets distributed and reaches customers from distributors, sellers, shippers, buyers, and labeling mistakes that take costs negative reputation. This also leads to re-producing the same product leading to double the cost of production than planned. Most of the recalling happens due to errors in the labeling part. All of this can be prevented by a better product-labeling proofreader. In the market, there are labeling proofreaders which will help you in identifying the mistakes fastly like wrong background color, font size, shape, missing information, etc. 

Lost Value Due To The Slow Manual Processes 

Following every step, taking continuous feedback, the discussion is a time taking process which also ends up in losing money as time is money here. Companies are using high-class technologies to speed up the process like platforms to discuss and fasten up the approval process. Inviting stakeholders online, working on their needs, taking the process smoothly as progress is being analyzed and further things are planned accordingly by managers.

Ensuring Compliance And Time To Market

Creating a product, creating packaging design, printing, launching is steps that are done before launching the product and these require perfect management. But multiple issues happen with the management process and it creates errors. Errors like delays in the product launch. This can impact the overall sales of the product as the original deadline was created according to festivals, seasons, etc. 

And to decrease these errors or eradicate them you will have to take proper precautions, continuous feedback, better communication, etc. And with the help of advanced technologies, this is possible where a platform can be used to make checklists, creating tasks, discussions, and reviews, and having proper communication, etc. This can result in saving costs and stop any future recalls which might end damaging the image of the brand.

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Other Ways To Make Your Packaging More Effective

Researching The Firm

Companies always try to cut the cost of the product so that they can get a big margin profit. To do so they agree with any packaging firm which provides its services at the lowest possible price. And the worst part about this is that companies or brands never properly research it as they think what can go wrong. 

Even after checking the initial design and some samples sent from manufacturing, many mistakes can occur in the process of printing and packaging. To deal with it, it is really important to research the company from the start. Talk with old clients, look for the samples done for others, views of the public over that firm, etc. Always make sure to check for quality certification as many companies don’t even hold the recognition on that level. They are working just because they are in the market for a long time but it doesn’t mean they are suitable for you. 

Building A Better Relationship With Packaging Supplier

Having good relations with people who are beneficial for your business is never at loss. You can make visits to the supplier and check the progress going on, if you are on good terms with them they will give extra attention to your work. Also at continuous intervals do the checking for cleanliness or for any possible red flags that can lead to errors in the future.

Kellog’s cereal brand faces a big issue due to errors created by the packaging company in the year 2010. At that time it was seen that a weird wax-like substance got packed with cereal, the company had to file a lawsuit for this big mistake. 

Wrapping It Up!


Mislabeling, management issues, and strict deadlines play a big role in causing the recalls for the product. Along with that, trusting a bad packaging firm can lead to more problems. Proper research about the business partners and associates can create a big difference for any company and using the right tools to manage the employees and projects will help by a big difference.


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