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How Much Content a Small Business Website Needs to Rank

Content marketing, particularly, content writing is an effective strategy for small businesses if done correctly. It can become technical to hit the right spot with effective writing. Hence, professional content writers understand the science behind getting businesses to rank higher on search engines.


Investing in professionals in the field can help businesses grow and improve conversion rates. WordStream statistics show that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and drives conversions 6 times higher  CITATION Dan19 l 1033 (Shehwan, 2019). However, content needs to meet certain standards and levels to ensure the website ranks higher. Eventually, this leads to more views, clicks, and engagement.


Here are a few ways to utilize website content and improve rankings:

1.      Create fresh and original content

2.      Use keywords effectively

3.      Create lengthy content

4.      Update old content

5.      Add internal links


Original Content is Attractive

Creating ample content is a great strategy for ranking. You can never have enough fresh content. It is always attractive to audiences to read original content. It does not only build on information but new content builds trust and reliability. Avoiding plagiarism is the best way to create original, and juicy content. Plagiarism loses rankings on search engines like Google because it wipes out copied content. Thus, plagiarism will not rank your website. It is also wise to digest content and research and write your content without rephrasing and throwing around words.


For a small business to rank, connecting with consumers, and creating content that drives them to the site is essential. This can only be achieved if each write-up is custom to the businesses' aims and objectives. In this case, copying and duplicating content is useless. This is highly ineffective when search engine algorithms change often. According to Social Media Examiner, 58% of marketers said that original written content is more important than visual content  CITATION Dan19 l 1033 (Shehwan, 2019).


Without a doubt, fresh content allows more links and keywords to be added to the site every time. The newness helps rank on Google and various other engines. Plus, there is nothing more attractive to audiences than reading something different and new!


Effective Use of Keywords

Keywords are the most important part of content writing! It is the backbone of ranking higher. Using the right words is likely to get a business’s content to rank higher among the top few searches. The key is to not always target the most obvious or the most sought keywords.


Conducting a little research can help pick words that are competitive, descriptive, and can rank higher. It is an art to use those keywords in the right places at the right time. Experts say that keywords should be used as close to the heading as possible. Hence, a smart move would be to use it in the title and the first few 100 words. Additionally, keywords should also be used in specific section headings. Using across the headings helps search engines identify keywords in H1 and H2 and thus ranks it accordingly.


The core idea is to not to overuse keywords but a balanced use of words that are recognizable throughout the writing. placing the keywords correctly is an important element too.


Now the Question is, what should be the Ideal Length of your Content?

According to studies, Google requires content 300 words at a minimum to rank. However, some studies show that the top-ranked sites have content that is at least 1000 words or longer. Despite people preferring shorter texts, small businesses should write content that is more than 1000 words. Therefore, creating blog posts and articles that are connecting with the target audience brings in more clicks and views to the website.


It is agreeable that long-form articles aren't read by audiences entirely but people love to scan. Readability is integral to be balanced in long texts. Therefore, professional content writers can strike a balance between making sure it is long enough to rank and has enough scannable information.


Refresh Old Content

Content is reusable! Refreshing and repurposing old content and can bring it up in search engines and content writing standards. For businesses, this is an important step because it can help analyze old topics and update them to the current times. This would keep the information restructured without being repetitive.


Hence, this adds value to the subject or topic allowing to create more content. Older posts can be updated with better keywords, new information, or new services too. This would keep all posts in line with the present situation of the business. Hence, it also eases the situation of thinking and brainstorming new content every single time. Older content that gets traffic can be improved and moved up in the ranking as it gets improved along the way. This can also improve the standing of the website and bring in more traffic.


Internal Links Improve Ranking

Linking add value to your post. It is one of the strongest and most effective methods to get recognized. Adding internal links means linking important keywords or information to relevant sites. This would be more effective if the keywords are used to link to other sites. Thus, search engines are then able to recognize your site and post more often.


The number of domains and links help recognize search engines if your information is worthy of being ranked. The links also add value to your content by giving credibility and reliability. This also helps the linked source recognize your site or post and perhaps appreciate it. In return, this could bring in more clicks, traffic, and perhaps ranking.


Although, linking correctly without overuse is another art of content writing. It is best if professional content writers handle that effectively for businesses.


Nevertheless, writing valuable content that ranks cannot be everyone's forte. In particular, small businesses could use the help of professional content writers who understand SEO and various other techniques for ranking. Investing wisely in content marketing strategy could go a long way for businesses.


Still, struggling with the ranking? You could hire professional content writing services by econtentsol.

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.
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