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How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Gurgaon?

After the proper diagnosis of gynecomastia, the only concern left is the cost of the gynecomastia surgery. You’ll come across plenty of gynecomastia surgery clinics and hospitals in Gurgaon offering plenty of treatment plans. However, to clear the air, the cost of the gynecomastia surgery in Gurgaon can vary from  a minimum amount of 35000 INR  to a maximum of 70000 INR.  

While there are different costing for every clinic and hospital, the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Gurgaon depends on the following factors:

  • Type and grade of the gynecomastia

The grade of the condition plays a prominent role in deciding the final cost of the male breast correction surgery. 

  • Need for gland excision 

While grade 1 involves small enlargement with less or no excess skin over the chest, grade 4 involves large enlargement with extra skin, the costing surely involves the severity of the condition. 

  • The liposuction technique and the equipment used

More advanced technology and equipment come with a cost no doubt. So, if the technology used is advanced, you gotta raise some budget for the same. 

  • Type of anesthesia used during the procedure-
    The first step  in the correction procedure is the anesthesia administration. The type of anesthesia used  adds up to the costing of the gynecomastia treatment. 

  • Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, ECG, etc.-
    The tests such as X-Rays, ECG, and the medical tests excluding the treatment not only add up to the cost but can also make a substantial change in the suggested amount.  

  • The type of the clinic/hospital
    The hospital/clinic’s reputation can have an impact on the budget. The healthcare center specializing in gynecomastia correction will surely be exorbitant.  

  •  Admission fee.-
    The admission fee differs from one healthcare center to another. So, considering the costing factor, the admission fee plays an eminent role too.

  • Facilities provided in the clinic/ hospital
    A personal nurse, a caretaker, extra services such as clothing provision, ac/non-ac room, food, wifi, all the facilities provided by the center are inclusive of treatment packages.

  • Location of the clinic:
    Easy accessibility of the clinic from different localities of the town, fine connectivity such as metro nearby, bus and uber averagely adds up to the budget.  

  • Qualification of surgeon
    Surgery from the city’s best surgeon and the hospital is another factor affecting the cost of the treatment. The expertise, skill from the best can play a huge role in the estimated costing factor. 

  • Whether the patient  needs to stay in the medical center or not
    The post-surgery stay at the hospital increases the hospitalization cost. 

  • Any involved post-surgical complications
    While if there’s any compilation during or after the correction surgery, it becomes a part of the miscellaneous expenses included. 

  • Type of compression garment.
    The quality, the firmness, the brand of the compression garment usually affects the total bill.

The minimum amount to be paid in gynecomastia treatment in Gurgaon is Rs.35,000 and the maximum charges can rise up to Rs.70,000. You can even get an estimated cost from different certified surgeons or a medical center to match up your budget and make the decision wisely.  

In most cases, correction of gynecomastia is not eligible for insurance coverage. However, there are various finance agencies or banks who can provide easy and smooth EMI facilities. 

Summing up, the type of anesthesia anesthesia, the prescribed medicines, the surgeon’s consultation fees, and other factors determine the cost of the surgery. 

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