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How Much Is An Oil Change For A Ford Focus

  • Are you someone that owns a Ford, and are worried about how often you would require an oil change?
  • Do you know how much costs you are likely to incur every time you take your Ford vehicle for an oil change?
  • Have you looked at getting your Ford vehicle serviced by professionals only to be confused about choosing the best?

With One Million units sold worldwide, the Focus is one of Ford’s most successful car models ever. In fact, in global sales, the Focus occupies a prominent place in the top ten positions. The Ford Focus has been one of the most preferred models in the American market. 

With its simple, no-nonsense premise, the car became a household name ever since it was first launched in 2005. Ever since then, the Focus model lineup has had everything for everyone. 

There are models dedicated to enthusiasts along with ones that cater to daily drivers who are interested in mileage figures. In this article, we are going to look at some essential aspects of an oil change on a Ford Focus. We are also going to look at: 

  1. A Brief History of the Ford Motor Company
  2. Examine Signs that your Focus needs an Oil Change
  3. Discuss dangers of running your Focus without an oil change
  4. Calculate costs on the Ford Focus oil change

A Brief History of the Ford Motor Company

Ford is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. The company was founded by Henry Ford in the year 1903. To date, the company has sold over 4.2 million automobiles in different parts of the world. 

With stunning models like the Focus, F-150, and the ever-popular, Mustang, the company has a rich and storied history. With nearly 15% market share in America, the company continues to push technological and engineering frontiers. 

If you are someone that has a Ford car, you know that they are- 

  • Solidly put together 
  • Have an extensive lifespan
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Great on mileage
  • Have less depreciation
  • High resale value
  • Lesser insurance rates

All this translates into the Ford Motor Company being one of America’s most trustworthy and reliable brands. The brand continues to move into the future with its range of electrified vehicles.

Signs your Ford Focus needs an Oil Change

In this section, we are going to look at some important signs that should tell you that your Ford Focus requires an oil change. According to experts, in standard running conditions, the Focus requires its oil to be changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. 

  1. Too much Smoke from the Exhaust Pipes

One of the easiest ways to check if the Focus needs an oil change is to see smoke. If you have dark and dense fumes coming from the exhaust pipes, you should know it’s time for an oil change. You need to act smart, else; you can get pulled over by the traffic police. 

  1. Oil Readings on the Instrumentation

As conscious vehicle owners, we should be able to read what the car is telling us. This means looking at the instrumentation console and seeing if the meter reading says low oil levels. Topping off the same can help solve the problem almost immediately. 

  1. Rougher sounding engine with vibrations

Engine oil serves the important purpose of smoothening out the engine. It lubricates and ensures that all the pistons are running efficiently. Without engine oil, there is a lot of friction in the engine, and the same causes weird rumbles, noises, and vibrations. 

  1. Increased travel and more mileage on the car

If you are a vehicle owner that has recently taken his Focus on a trip, you need to get your oil changed. For a car, going on a trip is not the same as its day-to-day running. The increased mileage being put on in a small time period necessitates an oil change. 

  1. Ticking sounds and shudders while on idle

If you hear a ticking sound immediately after you switch on the Focus’ ignition, you know it’s time for an engine change. If the car is sitting at idle and your steering wheel is shaking, you should know that the engine is not performing according to what it should be. 

Dangers of Running your Ford Focus without an Oil Change

If you compare the human body with an automobile, you can compare human blood to a car’s engine oil! In this section, we are going to look at some dangers of running your Ford Focus without an oil change.

The first thing that you will end up damaging is the Focus engine performance. The Focus is a very peppy car, that delivers industry-leading mileage. If you are not changing the engine oil at regular intervals, you will end up damaging the car’s engine performance. 

Secondly, not changing the engine oil on the Focus can lead to complete engine failure. Visually, you will see blown gaskets and a thick milky fluid all over your engine cover. Repairing gaskets can be a very expensive proposition for the vehicle owner. 

Thirdly, if the mechanical parts of the engine end up grinding against one another, it can lead to the engine seizing. This means that you would need a new engine to get your car running again. This is infinitely more expensive than paying for blown gaskets. 

Fourthly, if you are not using engine oil, you are seriously jeopardizing the warranty of the vehicle. The company requests its car owners to ensure that servicing is done at proper intervals. If you are not doing that you are risking voiding your car’s warranty. 

Lastly, an engine failure can result in car owners getting stranded in difficult situations. If you are on a trip, this can be a very problematic situation. This is why you should ensure that the oil change on the Ford Focus is done regularly. 

The Costs of Doing an Oil Change on the Ford Focus

As we already mentioned, an oil change needs to be done every 3000 to 5000 miles on the Focus. If you are looking at time intervals, it should be done every 6 months. When it comes to the pricing for the same, there are uniform costs that exist in the entire country. In other words, it depends on the type of repairing and servicing shop you opt for. 

Just to give you a brief idea about the pricing for the oil change we have tried to come up with actual figures. According to experts at Toycen Ford, labor costs for an oil change can be anywhere between $40 to $50. While the price for parts and the oil will be between $65 to $75. 

What should be kept in mind is the fact that the oil change should always be done by an expert. In other words, if you want to ensure the best for your Ford Focus, you need to take it to Ford’s authorized service centers. In addition to the oil change, they carry out an extensive inspection. 

While there are tons of local service centers and repair shops out there, taking your Focus to an authorized Ford center would be the best decision. This ensures that your warranties do not get voided and that you are always letting professionals handle your vehicle. 


Changing your Focus’s oil at regular intervals ensures the best engine performance. This means that you are protected from major problems like engine seizing and void warranties. Again, care should be taken to always go to professional Ford authorized service centers for the oil change. If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer on oil and filter change, let us know in the comments below. 

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