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How Much is Rehab?

Knowing you need help getting clean from addiction can be a scary realization. Thousands of people fear they are unable to get the assistance they desperately need because they are already in financial problems. Thankfully, regardless of your budget, there are programs available.

Insurance Assistance

Most rehab centers accept insurance plans to help offset the cost of treatment. You will want to discuss with your agent to determine what type of program and how much they cover. Medicaid and Medicare are two of the government-funded insurance plans that help in sobriety. However, private and military plans also offer coverage. If you find yourself one of the millions without insurance, talk to various centers to determine their personal financing plans. Finally, physicians will have a list of resources to help people find grants and loans to get the help they need. Some centers offer free treatments, but they have wait lists and are often used by courts.

Types of Treatments with Costs

The cost of rehab varies greatly on the treatment plan you select and the severity of your addiction. Based on studies and facilities, the average price is as follows:

  • Outpatient Detox ($1000) – The price will increase if the addiction is severe enough to require more monitoring for withdrawal symptoms. You may also find more expensive plans that offer in-home health care if you do not have a family or friend that can assist you.
  • Outpatient Rehab (start at $5000) – Outpatient services are for people who have moderate addictions and do not require constant supervision to become sober. They do mandate that a person checks in regularly and follows through with the therapy.
  • Inpatient Rehab (starting at $6000) – 30-day rehabilitation is the most common form of treatment centers. The price starts small, but many will require up to 90-days inpatient help if the addiction is severe.
  • Medications (varies) – Severe addicts will require medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms, but the price is based on the type of pill and dose.

While this is a hard pill to swallow, it is less than the cost of your addiction. The initial price of the substance is only the beginning of how much you spend on your habit. In addition to that, you must factor in health and legal problems that you run into. Finally, consider the amount of work you have lost due to your substance abuse.

What to Consider

Shopping around for the perfect rehabilitation center requires careful consideration. The following factors also influence the overall cost of your treatment:

  • Type of Center (inpatient/outpatient/combination)
  • Treatment plan (Detox, Medication, Therapy, Counselors)
  • Amenities available (Gyms, Cafeterias, Swimming pools, Individual rooms)
  • Nonprofit centers (low cost but only basic services)

Sobriety saves you money in the long run but can seem daunting in the short run. Seeking help is a huge step, and professionals can provide resources for you to find the perfect plan. Counselors are available at most centers to answer “How much is rehab?” but also to guide you through the various financing options. Never let a price tag prevent you from a healthy life.

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