How much time does it take to reconstruct an engine?


If you sense something wrong with your car like odd smells or noises coming from the engine, then you might need to consider rebuilding or replacing your engine with a new one. Engine reconstruction is the most expensive automobile repair and given the cost and the time taken, you might consider buying a new car.

But if you like driving old classic cars then buying a new one simply wouldn’t do and reconditioned engines Melbourne might be the more economical option in some cases. There are certain signs you need to look out for which would indicate that your engine needs to be reconstructed or rebuilt.

  • Compression loss
  • A lot of smoke
  • Overheating of the engine
  • Rapid burning of oil
  • Knocking sounds coming from the engine
  • Rapid burning of oil

There are a lot of symptoms before the engine stops and gives out completely.

Hope much time does engine reconstruction take?

The time taken depends on the various parts needed to reconstruct the engine. The process involves a lot of steps and it is harder to work on the engine without removing it. The task is not a difficult one but it takes a lot of time because it involves a lot of machining, matching, etc.

It takes an average of 15 to 25 hours for replacing an engine but if parts are not available then it might also take several weeks or months. It costs about $2400 to $4500 to repair an engine so that your car gives you a thousand more miles.


Reconditioned engines Melbourne involves rebuilding the engine head, removing the engine block and disassembling it, replacing all rings and valves as well as cylinder wall boring. The cheapest engine repair is a ring and valve job, but no matter the job, engine repair takes a lot of patience and expertise.

Rings and valves are repaired when there is compression loss or excessive oil is burned. The other things that may be required to do are replacing the rod, cleaning and inspecting to find the condition of the engine and replacing parts like piston rings, bearings, gaskets, seals and lubricants. After everything is done the engine needs to be reassembled and installed back into the vehicle.

Many people opt for this option because they have cars of the old models but want the latest features. They cannot afford a new vehicle so they get their engine reconstructed and experts suggest that this is a better option because the new engine is thoroughly cleaned before installing back into your vehicle.

With a reconstructed engine, you can easily get a thousand more miles. The cost depends on the parts that need to be replaced or the features that would be included, so the exact overall price cannot be determined for sure. The price would also include the labour costs.

The time taken also depends on the model of the car, the skills of the mechanic and how old the car is. Before you decide to reconstruct the engine of your car, ask what is wrong with your car, how much time it would take and the total cost so that you can make a well-informed decision.