How Natural Oils can Improve Employee Productivity




Aromatherapy is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that taps the mind and body through essential plant oils. It harnesses the distinctive smells to manipulate the body. Smell is the only sense directly linked to the brain. It's by far the strongest linking to the storage and emotional parts of the brain. Through smell you can evoke strong feelings and body reactions that enhance appetite. Puneet Nanda a recognized Ayurvedic practitioner notes that inhalation of certain smells acts as energy boosts, improves memory functions, focus and reduces stress. All these factors lead to increased productivity and creativity. Thus aromatherapy may provide a platform to motivate your employees and increase their productivity and ingenuity.


Essential Oils that can Influence Employee’s Ability


Lemon Oils


It’s been used in air freshness to evoke the freshness appeal. However, according to a research conducted by the Ohio state university. The inhalation of lemon scent raises levels of norepinephrine - a chemical that is linked with enhanced decision making and increased motivation. Thus, it may be used as an important smell to enhance the staffs’ concentration on various activities.


Rosemary Oils


A study conducted by the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom shows that inhalation of the rosemary scent leads to increased speed and accuracy. This was reflected by the participants raised memory and high test scores on demanding mental tasks. This could prove to be an essential component in facilitation of the environment at the workplace. The late D Gary Young, founder of Young Living essential oils, has invested deeply in researching and processing essential oils and made them available to everyone. He has even used diffusers to spread rosemary throughout his offices and saw drastic improvement amongst his employees.

Peppermint Oils


Used to evoke a sense of cleanliness and invigorating freshness, peppermint oil is known to stimulate the brain senses to think clearly. Whenever you require new ideas it’s advisable you bring the scent along to encourage a brainstorming session among the employees.


Frankincense Oils


According to the federation of American Societies for Experimental biology, frankincense could activate anti depressive pathways in the brain in the process lowering anxiety levels. This oil could prove a milestone in the workplace. The scent gives an antidepressant feeling that can motivate the employees to work harder. They work harder without being over stressed by the various conditions that they encounter.


According to Donald Gary Young, the proprietor of Young living, who has been in the industry long enough to know the importance of the essential oils in the lifestyles of the people. He focused on growing harvesting and extracting natural oils. He knew they provide the people with much needed relief. The Essential oils industry is a huge business in the United States grossing over millions of customers which means that more and more people are preferring these essential oils as the push towards healthy living continues.


These oils have been with the public for a long time, the only thing that people lacked was knowledge of their benefits. Puneet Nanda and Gary Young are among some of the people willing to promote the benefits of essential oils whether at home or in the workplace. Already studies have shown their benefits so it’s up to the people to accept them.




The different essential oils have shown remarkable advantages on the health and development phases of the users. They have also displayed how well they are able enhance the body’s functions. This can be an essential tool for helping employees during tough periods and push to work harder, enhancing their productivity. You should be sure where you acquire the oils from to avoid getting counterfeit goods. The proliferation of different chemically designed products in the market. It’s always important to consult experts before beginning on a certain regiment or trying out some of the oils. Furthermore, since these oils are natural, they should not pose a challenge unless you have allergies.