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How Networking Helps Entrepreneurs

Business networking is often analysed exclusively from the standpoint of bringing in more business and making greater profits. But it is just one of the many benefits and there are several others such as expanding your own knowledge and finding inspiration in the success of others.

Most successful entrepreneurs may not have reached their potential if it wasn’t for the help that they received from their colleagues along the way. Business networking may provide solutions to issues which you may have previously thought of as unfeasible. It can also grow your customer base as you can count on others to spread word-of-mouth recommendations.

One can build a successful and sustainable business and also create referrals by using business networking to their advantage. Your business goals will seem easier to achieve if you only follow up on your leads or referrals and successfully convert them into clients. The leads that you get from networking are warmer leads than those that you get from other forms of marketing.

Following are certain ways in which networking helps entrepreneurs:

Making your Profile Visible

Your business prospects will not improve until you become visible as a business. Networking offers the opportunity for a business to gain visibility and have better prospects for the future.

Your face will become a known one if you attend social and business events regularly. Participating in expos, advisory committees and conferences should be a great way to gain visibility.

It may require you to invest time and energy to truly reap the benefits of the visibility that you achieve. All you need to do in order to grow your business is to put in constant and concerted efforts.

Offer Help First

Entrepreneurs often attend networking events to get immediate answers for the challenges or the problems that they are facing. However, this may not be the right approach to go about this problem.

What makes you popular in those circles is your ability to ask the right questions and also how quickly you can come up with different ways to add value to others.

Like in most other quests it is about what you bring to the table than the other way around. To come across as helpful you can even proactively share tips. Your efforts to help others will be reciprocated by others only when you are seen extending help to others.


It is often said that more than ‘what you know’ it is ‘who you know’ that matters in the business world. Having a vast resource of appropriate connections is what it really takes to grow a business. These connections should be such that you can explore them whenever you need and however you need.

Networking opens many doors of opportunities for you to connect with some of the highly influential people which you may find difficult to do otherwise. It is not exclusively about your direct contacts but the fact that everybody who you know also knows other people and it is this web of contacts that can make all the difference in your balance sheets.

Social Media Resource

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social media platforms that have become the most widely used communication points on the internet making them a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with each other.

Actively participating on these platforms by engaging with and commenting on relevant industry content can build trust and reputation among your colleagues.

Basic Press Outreach

You can strike relationships with dailies, local city and local bulletins as they may be able to help you to grow your business. They can narrate your story and in this way build a local reputation for you and your business.

You can identify the reporters who take interest in your activities as they can prove to be invaluable resources when it comes to local publicity. It is also an excellent way to keep yourself updated about what is happening in your community.


An abundance of opportunities can be found where there is a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Prospects such as client leads, ventures, partnerships, writing and speaking opportunities, asset or business sales - opportunities are endless. However, you must carefully evaluate the worth of each opportunity that comes along your way and only cash in on the right opportunities.

Besides networking, there are several other ways to take your business to greater heights of success and you should find out more about them to ensure that you have left no loose ends.

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