How Often Do You Need Asphalt Paving Services?


Asphalt is an extremely tough and durable material. It’s used everywhere for a variety of purposes and can be installed quickly. Asphalt is the most popular choice for driveways and parking lots. If you’ve looked into the installation of asphalt on your property, then you most likely took the time to understand all of its benefits.
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While it is a very durable material, it does require upkeep every now and then. Asphalt has very affordable upkeep, but the upkeep is not optional since they can be prone to cracking or wearing down over time. This is where you would hire the help of asphalt paving services. The blistering heat and extreme cold weather can both have negative impacts on your asphalt driveway, but your paving services will be able to maintain your asphalt so that it stays in great condition. How often you need services will vary.

Constantly being exposed to the elements, harsh temperatures and other outdoor conditions and weather will eventually cause your asphalt to experience some degree of wear and tear, but there are some certain signs that you should look out for which indicate that it is time for you to call in your preferred asphalt pavement services. 

The Warning Signs

In Canada we go through many different weather changes, even through each individual season. Our temperatures can dip to extreme lows or highs, and these drastic temperature changes will negatively impact the durability and appearance of any asphalt driveway or parking lot, causing significant wear.

Be sure that you are constantly checking on your asphalt’s condition and its structural integrity. If you start to notice things like potholes, cracks in the surface, drainage issues, warping or fading colour, this means your asphalt will need some work done on it. Each situation will be different, so another important factor is to determine what type of work you need to get done. This can be cosmetic, preventative or involve minor repairs. 

Having a few cracks in your asphalt won’t mean that you need to pave over the entire thing, but more serious signs can point towards a complete overhaul. Any reputable paving company will be able to properly and professionally assess your driveway as well as the extent of damage to determine what type of service is best for your situation. Then, they’ll be able to accomplish the type of work that is required.

What Kind Of Treatment Does Your Asphalt Need?

How severely damaged your asphalt is will ultimately determine how often you need paving services to come around and help you. This will be different from property to property. Driveways and parking lots will eventually see damage over time, which is inevitable because of the constant pressure of vehicles driving over it repeatedly. Harsh weather conditions will also affect it negatively over time, but there are a number of things you can do as preventative measures to help with delaying the onset of damage.

The first thing you can do is have your asphalt sealed as this will help prevent any minor cracks from occurring, or stop them from becoming more serious issues later on. It will also give your asphalt an appealing, shiny appearance that will help make it look as good as new. Applying a sealant should be done regularly, and it’s recommended that it is reapplied every two to three years.

Other preventative measures you can take include dealing with minor damages as soon as you notice them so they don’t have the chance to get worse. Surface cracks are easily fixable since they can be filled and repaired easily. Ignoring them will lead to more severe damage which will need major repairs that can become very costly.


If your asphalt has larger and deeper cracks, these cannot be filled as easily. In fact, your asphalt driveway or parking lot will need to be resurfaced so that water cannot pool underneath it which will result in even more serious damage and expensive treatment. These preventative steps will be able to help you extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot, which is why it is so important for you to take these steps.

If the damage has gotten worse, then your next option is to get the asphalt completely repaved as a last resort. If you’re unsure of what treatment your asphalt needs, then you can always get a professional assessment from your asphalt paving services.

If your asphalt driveway or parking lot has been installed correctly by a professional and highly experienced paving company, this will make sure that your investment will last years. It should be able to last 20 to 30 years, although it is still just as important to keep your pavement maintained often, as well as resurface it when necessary. Resurfacing your lot should happen when 30 to 40 percent of the surface area has deteriorated due to alligator cracking. Your asphalt lot might need a replacement if the surface and overall design has degraded, resulting in a safety concern. 

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