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How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Kitchen?

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Commercial cleaning and the right cleaning products can positively affect your commercial kitchen’s health. Find out how often you should clean your kitchen

How can you run your restaurant business healthily? By ensuring that it is kept clean. Commercial kitchens can become a hub for food-borne illnesses if you don't maintain proper cleaning. As a restaurateur, when you don’t take care of your kitchen's cleanliness, it means that you have no respect for your customers and your work.

You must clean your commercial kitchen with the help of professional restaurant cleaners at least once a week with the help of quality commercial cleaning products of a reputed brand such as Sunrise Industrial Cleaners. For the best results, a proper schedule should be in place to ensure that everything is cleaned properly within the kitchen. There are some deep cleaning services provided by commercial cleaners that you can avail of every month.

Why Should You Go for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning?


A dirty commercial kitchen not only gives an unprofessional look but also causes various diseases. It is a law of Health and Safety at Work Regulations that commercial kitchens must undergo deep cleaning every six months. However, it is crucial to clean them every day because kitchens become untidy every day.


A clean kitchen gives you peace of mind. It protects you from falling ill and gives a more professional outlook. Commercial cleaners can help ensure that your kitchen is cleaned properly. They use powerful cleaning tools and agents to remove even the most stubborn of stains.  


How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Kitchen?


This will depend on you how much you need your kitchen to be cleaned. However, most commercial kitchens demand cleaning daily. Your employees should clean the kitchen daily; this may include doing the dishes, mopping, sweeping, setting crockery, cleaning counters, disinfecting, and using air fresheners.


However, you should opt for commercial kitchen cleaning every six months to have your kitchen deep cleaned. You may need to have your kitchen deep cleaned more frequently if your restaurant is busy every day.

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Some choose to only have their kitchens commercially cleaned when insurance and health inspections are near. You need to have your kitchen commercial cleaned to limit the risk of kitchen fires. Some unexpected happenings can also make you clean a kitchen before your schedule, for example, if someone has seen rat or other vermin.


Some Things To Note For Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


Commercial cleaners can provide such services that you can’t do on your own. This can include cleaning the ovens, stoves, high-dusting, removing grease and grime, and sanitizing your kitchen. There are some important things to note when opting for commercial kitchen cleaning services:


     Ensure that they use high-quality industrial cleaners

     Deep cleaning and removing stains

     Refill soaps and washing products

     Have the right set of tools for cleaning

     Provide high-dusting services

     Deep clean kitchen counters

     Have a professional team

     Remove grease from kitchen areas and tools

     Clean the kitchens exhaust systems

     Targeting even the most neglected kitchen areas such as fridge coils, fountain nozzles, ice machines, meat slicers, inside cabinets


Final Thoughts


The right cleaning products and their proper usage can improve your kitchen's outlook. If you own a commercial kitchen, decide on getting it cleaned daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly, based on its usage and needs.

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