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Steps to Take When Selling a Home Without an Agent

The real estate industry is one that is growing fast with more people looking to venture into it. Either way, credit needs to be given to real estate agents who play the biggest role in connecting buyers to sellers who have exactly what they are looking for. However, this does not mean that you can only manage to sell your house with the help of an agent. With the right moves, you can find a buyer strike a very good deal without an agent. Here are the steps to take when selling a home without an agent.

Revamp the house to make it sellable

There are hundreds if not thousands of sellers out there looking to make a sale which is why you need to make the home stand out from the rest. There are very many designs and products to choose from these days to make the house look like a home at first sight to all potential buyers. Consider picking ideas from interior design magazines, home shows or if capable, hire an interior designer to do the magic.

Rooms to give preferences are the living room to bring the family vibe and warmth, bedrooms and also turn the bathroom, especially the master bathroom into a sanctuary. Work on the backyard and the front yard as well to improve on the ambiance of the home. The aim of this does not only make it sellable but also increase the value of the property.

Set a price

The price you set for the house will determine the number of potential buyers that come your way. You want to make a profit post the face-lift but do not be tempted to overquote. Buyers are very strict on buying what is within your budget and if the home is beyond most peoples’ budget, then you might end up not making a sale. Work on a realistic asking price to speed up the sale of the home. There are tons of amazing online tools that you can use to price the property. The online tool will make a valuation of the home-based on various parameters such as location, and size.

Come up with a description

There is a high probability that you might be tempted to write an essay describing the house; exterior and interior design including new installation and upgrades made. This is not necessary and the majority of buyers will pass. Instead, come up with a short description of the property and avoid using flowery language that paints a very lucrative picture of the home. Let the photographs do the talking instead.

Take good photos of the home and prepare a floorplan

The home you are looking to sell will be competing with hundreds of other homes listed on property sites, which is why you need to hire a professional photographer to take the best shots. Your phone probably can take the best pictures but you lack the technique to get it done. The charges for the photo session will vary depending on the location and size of the property.

Floor plans, on the other hand, are very essential these days when you are looking to make a sale. Giving your buyers an aerial view of the entire property and its dimensions in an incredible marketing tool. With this as well, you can use online tools to draw the floor plan of the home and let buyers decide if the living space is adequate for them.

Advertise the property

Now that you have decided to so the sale on your own, you will have to list and advertise your property yourself. There are several renowned property portals today which offer great opportunity to sellers to list property. You also have the option of using sale by owner websites that allow you to sell house online and a majority of them charge zero commission for property sale. Alternatively, or in addition to, you can also consider using social media as an advertising platform to reach as many buyers as possible. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are top social media platforms to get you closer to a successful property sale. However, do not overlook old advertising methods such as the local paper.

Arrange tours and viewing

Seeing is believing and in the real estate, this is the law that applies. Buyers have to come and check out the home before they even consider making a purchase and you must facilitate for viewings. You need to create time and be available for the arranged viewings. Viewings take place during the day, and if there is a possibility you might be away for work, you need to entrust your home to someone close, such as a spouse or close friend who knows the house inside out as you sell family home.

Negotiate and accept an offer

After setting a reasonable price, you need to calculate the lowest offer you can accept for the sale. If you are selling, do not settle for less or mortgage offers that are below the lowest offer you can afford to give. As you sell family home, you need to be aware that there are always buyers out there and you need to think and behave like estate agents nevertheless for a good sale. If possible, you can offer discounts for cash buyers for houses as an incentive.

Once you negotiate and accept an offer, be sure to put it down on paper. This meant to make the deal legally binding. However, you will need to do some verification first either by asking for an ID and or a mortgage offer or a bank statement. In case you are selling to cash buyers for houses, ensure that you check for the legitimacy of the bills they pay with.

Hire a conveyancer

Once the deal is done, you will need to instruct a conveyancer to sort the legal work. Either way, you will need to do due diligence to find a good one. Check online and also consider getting recommendations from family and friends.

It is easy and possible to sell a home without estate agents offering their help, as long as you do not jump the gun or take any shortcuts whatsoever.

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