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How often the boat servicing needs to be done?

How often the boat servicing needs to be done?

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Sailing offers you a pleasant and tranquil  experience. It feels good to sit on a deck and enjoy the cuts of the waves, but what's taking place below the hull may curb down your happy feeling. Down there, it can take a toll on your boat engine. You need to get it shown to an expert, but how often you should do outboard maintenance? The blog answers this question in a straightforward way. 


When is the right time to do boat servicing?


It depends upon several factors like


l  Sailing time


Though your boat does not display the miles covered, just like your car, the engine and shaft are still rotating, so mechanical work is going on. The standard boat engine should go to a mechanic shop when sailing in the water for more than 1500 hours. The diesel engine does not require an overhaul until it has reached 5000 hours. Of course, here we are assuming that your boat is not encountering any marine difficulties. 


l  Kind of sailing


Other factors that decide the boat servicing needs is whether the boat is sailing in  freshwater or salt lake. For example, if your boat is sailing in corrosive saltwater, the crystals may choke the boat engine and impact its cylinders. However, if your boat is sailing in freshwater, the scheduled maintenance can be delayed. The aquatic ecosystem also affects the machine functioning. The bits of netting and seaweed obstructs the impeller and destroy the boat engine. However, the issue needs to be addressed immediately at the servicing station. 


l  Situations that you are facing


Some problems force the boat to visit the service station more often. For example, if there is water leakage on the spark plugs and your engine is spluttering, a head gasket leakage might be the culprit. The other challenging issues that need immediate attention are fuel leaks, propeller damage, coolant pump problems, strange alarms etc. The issues force you to take your boat to the service station to understand the fault.


How often do you need to service the boat?


1.        Boat oiling


Like the fuel, the boat oil needs to be checked at least 3 to 4 times a year. The oil colour needs to be clear and not murky. You should check the level of oil before it moves ahead for sailing. It ensures that the oil is not over-filled to cause damage. Checking the oil is important; you can contact the boat service station if you don't know how to do it. 


2.        Checking the hull


 Before starting the voyage, make sure that you check the boat hull to ensure it is not damaged. You should inspect it inside out to ensure that the water is not leaked. And of course, you need to check plugs navigation lights in routine to ensure it is functioning fine. 


3.        Charging the boat battery


Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean, and the boat refuses to hinge, thanks to its faulty battery. If you want to avoid this untoward incident, keep the battery of the boat fully charged. However, the right time for servicing the battery is tricky. However, it is recommended to charge the battery from the service engineer when you are beginning the voyage.


Apart from that, you should do routine inspections for all wires, joints and connection cables.


Wrap Up


The maintenance and repair can be controlled if you practice good routine service habits. For regular maintenance, you can tow your boat to Lake Side Marine. The company simplifies your service-related needs and helps you to change oil filters, components for different models. We use only authentic service parts so that you don't suffer while sailing. Reliability and high performance are guaranteed. You can look at our website to know what kind of outboard and maintenance services that we provide. Our mechanics are trained and use state-of-the-art precise diagnostic repair equipment to make precise repairs to your boat.

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