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How Often You Should Upgrade Your Home Security?

Home security systems are an integral part to ensure the protection of your house and family. Having the latest technology and hardware positively affects the efficiency of your security system. You may have thought that your system may last you forever, and you won’t ever have to make changes. While this is the case for some, others may have to upgrade their systems based on the equipment they use or their age.

CCTV cameras, security alarms and monitors are being used everywhere around the globe for both business and personal security reasons. If you don’t have an idea of what to look for in your security system, you can contact any installation company, and they’ll do the work for you. For people in Manchester, you can easily get your CCTV installed through CCTV installation Manchester.

How Often Your System Should Get an Update

Many people have this question in their mind. For home security systems, 10 to 15 years is considered an old age. That means your system is maybe not that effective because it is not based on the latest technology after that.

Old technology directly benefits the thieves and people who want to break into a house. That is because they are already familiar with it and know how to deceive that. So, it is better to upgrade your equipment to the latest ones. Other than that, your cameras or monitors may stop working or may not work properly, so you should regularly check and test them for an upgrade.

Signs Your Security System Needs an Upgrade

Here are some signs for you to know that your security system needs to be upgraded fast:

1.       The Age of Your System

Any system that is older than 10 years will not have the latest technology to effectively protect your home. No matter how modern or latest your security or alarm system was when you installed it in your home, it is still old and is not even close to the modern home automation and security technology being used.

Age is not just a number in security systems. You should regularly do your research and see what is new in the market. Test your systems and ensure their proper working. Look for an upgrade that is needed from time to time.

2.       Your System Is Not Wireless

A big sign to upgrade your old system is if you still used landline wires. Wired systems were a thing in the past years. Since the latest wireless technology has become easily accessible, home security systems have also become wireless and more efficient. Wired systems can easily be exploited by burglars or anyone with a basic knowledge of technology.

3.       Add Smart Home Features

If your home security is lacking smart features, and you are still using locks and keys, it is time for you to upgrade that. Home automation has become really advanced now. Add smart door locks and thermostats and upgrade to digital cameras with high resolution.

1.       Bottom Line


Timely up-gradation is really important to ensure the proper working of your security system. If you see any signs that are mentioned above, make sure to upgrade your system as soon as possible. Using modern technology and installing the latest CCTV cameras helps keep your home safe and protected at all times.

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