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How Performance Management System Becomes Personal Assistants?


All businesses need to manage their employee performance on a constant basis. They hire personal assistants to manage the time of higher level managers who organize the schedules, fix appointments and meetings, complete clerical formalities, and even keep a check on overall time management for all tasks. This is a very successful strategy for the senior managers but is limited to them due to cost issues. But the modern HR Software solutions offer dedicated Performance Management Systems, which act as Personal Assistant for each employee to look after their productivity. This functionality makes productive techniques available to all the staff personnel, which can be a big step towards improved work dynamics with a centralized approach to the functioning of all departments in a synergy. Let this article be an addition to your expertise in technologies that shape profitable businesses.

Smart Capturing of Data:

Every employee has a specific set of tasks and processes to look after at a fixed schedule. Thus, all these parameters are to be measured by the management to ensure proper workflow and completion as per the deadlines. An HR Software shall capture performance related data through the ESS Portal. The employees submit their day to day activities in the ESS Portals where the system converts this data into performance components to feed it in KRA-KPI matrices. These matrices ultimately help in goal achievement and competency management for individual employees. As the data is captured and processed by the computer systems, there is no scope for overseeing information or neglecting it. Also, the scientific methods of correlation improve the insights and help HR to focus more on the data relevant to the job profile. As a result, the employees can manage themselves better without taking out time personally. The PMS also monitors the factors draining productivity, and the management can take actions accordingly.

Better Decision Making:

As the detailed information regarding the employee behavior and productive output is available to the management, the decision making can be improved radically on both strategic end along with the immediate problems. The data is compiled by the HR Software in such a way that the information relevant to the purpose is displayed and not the complete report. This is because the software captures the enormous quantum of data, which makes it very versatile to serve various purposes. The hiring policy, pay policy, attendance policy, annual leave policy, etc. are influenced positively by the use of PMS. The reporting managers and HR can access the data to empower the performers by incentivizing the positive traits. As the employees struggling with their work profile are easily traced, they are provided with essential pieces of training. The performance data is made available at the time of appraisals, which reduces the scope of speculative decisions being made on the basis of the personal rapport. The information presented has breakdowns for the particular time frames and portions of the work profile, which shall help in the promotion. The competencies can be easily identified when the behavioral patterns are determined by the software in a comprehensive manner.  

Goal and Time Management:

As the employees work hard to perform, the PMS analyses the target set by them and the team collectively to check their progress. In case of a shortfall, they can be intimidated to make changes in the working patterns and time allocated to the tasks assigned. As an automated system keeps track of activities, the employees can transfer the repetitive decisions to the computer software while it also analyses minute details which could never surface in case of a human assistant. Moreover, employees can use the PMS from their home or while traveling, which results in a dedicated personal assistant being handy all the time. As an employer, providing your employees with such empowering technologies makes a direct effect on their mindset and results in improved work culture. The approach becomes more accountability-driven and less biased where performance is valued by the employees.

For all the businesses that thrive on the employees to a certain degree, the use of an HR Software solution with a comprehensive performance management software will result in higher rates of employee engagement and retention as the software acts as a platform for the employees to become self-motivated, have higher autonomy and to avail more independence. These qualities also nurture the talent within the organization, along with enhancing the quality of work. As the staff feels more confident about the work, the increase in the competency on the organizational level is the best benefits one can avail by using this dedicated technology for every employee oriented purpose.

shylee Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development

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