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How Piano Produces Sound

Among the available musical instruments, the piano has one of the longest histories, as it has existed since the Baroque era in musical history.  The piano takes its key features from preceding instruments such as the organ, the clavichord, and fortepiano among others. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and qualities. Depending on the type that you want, you should always get the type that you want.

How Does a Piano Produce Sound?

A piano is one of the chordophones or instruments that are strung. In normal instances, these strings are not visible because they run under the piano’s frame. As piano keys are pressed, pelted hammers are triggered which then hits the strings. This belting makes the strings vibrate, therefore producing the piano sound that we all recognize. By learning about the piano, we can appreciate how it produces the different kinds of melodious sounds that we hear.

Basic parts of a piano

There are many parts of a piano, but here are a few of them that you should know. Their sizes and brands may differ, but all pianos have similar basic parts. 

The lid and outer rim

The piano’s outer rim is normally made from hardwood and is cut perfectly to fit the soundboard. In vertical pianos, this is shaped in a rectangular manner. No matter the style, there is a wooden piece that covers both the soundboard and the strings.

Inner frame

A heavy cast plate that is made from iron is used to construct the inner frame of the piano. This iron frame provides robust support to the soundboard, and also the hardwood pinblock. The pinblock has strong screws which help to maintain the proper spacing of the strings.


These are long strings that run through the entire length of the instrument. Made from high-quality steel wire that has been would tightly. Depending on how the keys are struck, each of the strings resonates differently depending on how the piano action hits it. You can tune a piano by making the strings tight or loose.


The soundboard is the surface that is made from wood and which the strings of piano vibrate, therefore imitating the resonant qualities that are linked to stringed instruments that include cello guitar and violin among others. Expensive pianos have their soundboards made from Sitka spruce, while medium and low-cost pianos use plywood for this important part.


This is the medium that allows you to play the medium and has both white keys and black keys. A standard keyboard is composed of 88 keys that are housed in a keyframe that rests on a perfectly designed key bed. To ensure that this apparatus is kept out of sight, there is a key slip that hides it.


Dampers are wooden blocks that are smaller in size and have felt pads attached to them. They rest on the strings to ensure that no vibration occurs unless when they get stuck, and the damper is raised. However, this feature is not available in the highest piano strings.

By enrolling for high-quality classes at a music piano studio in Singapore you can learn both the basics and progress to advanced music classes within a short time. You’ll be able to learn about the different parts of a piano, and how it produces different sound types.

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