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How PLM system benefits the company

Product Lifecycle management can easily help to manage all data of a product cost effectually. It is also done relating to ideation, engineering design, production, maintenance, development and the disposal at hand. 

It helps One Plus Management Limited manage product data, development procedures and policies. PLM system is a backbone for One Plus and the extended vendors. 

These systems greatly help One Plus to adjust momentously to the increasing complexity and all the challenges they face in developing new  retail store displays and fixtures for local and international markets. 

Why One Plus to use the PLM system?

The PLM system works and helps the company in many dimensions to solve some main problems. Now think that your company faces the below issues.

  • Longer and more complex supply chains
  • Lots of plants making pieces and the pieces are being assembled at a final OEM endpoint
  • Complicated and regulated products
  • Belligerent price-shopping from customers

Have your business encountered any of the above problems? There’s a lot of market pressure and as you know, you have to fight it to beat the competition to at least reduce costs, get deeper into innovation, and cut time-to-market.

One Plus had also faced similar problems a decade ago.   The short life cycle(15 days-max 90 days) of display products relates to varied materials and very complex supply chains.

What this means is that many players will be involved, including people, external sources and departments. All these players are actually stretched to different locations. In any case, there’s improper management of such processes, and you will experience increased management costs and breed wastage.  

One Plus, with the core of professional people to handle professional affairs, developed the PLM systems since 2009. United and centralized management of technical data that ensured the achievement of resources sharing

  • It offers an electronic file repository
  • Controls and also constructs bill of material records
  • Exports data for downstream procurement, manufacture, and supply and after-sales maintenance. 
  • The development of modular display products with information discernibility and sharing. 
  • To ensure reduced product costs and One Plus’s global competitiveness should enable workflows and process management.

How is the PLM system applied in One Plus Internal Management?

PLM can be thought of from many directions, including a mainstay for all the data that can impact product and secondly a communication process between the company and the clients the principle aim being engineering design, materials management and also product development.

  • Engineering design-There is many ways that PLM has been applied in One Plus’s internal management. One is to speed share ideas by uploading product designs in their PLM systems. The other way is to improve product quality and brand packaging. Lastly, applying artwork and colorway mixtures across many products.
  • Management materials-To help manage full BOM for samples to the concluding products and also request tracking and to greater heights achieve lab dips and submits. Lastly, it’s applied to handle packaging commands and artwork.
  • Product development-It’s applied to intensely reduce admin effort by adjusting for any market any channel distinctions and also automatically use packet, sizing and points of measure to the designs at hand.

In conclusion, PLM is a foundation technology that we are sure can drive operational efficiency and business growth. It is achieved by uniting all the products. Without this technology, your company might face a chaotic collection of spreadsheets, telephone calls, file storage and meetings. It is mainly a problem where people are trying to align and collaborate, which can lead to working from wrong or outdated information.

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Arifur Rahman
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