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How Can Recycled Parts Help Protect The Environment?

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Well, a major part of every vehicle plying on Australian roads is recyclable, which amounts to 87% approximately. Nearly all individual spare parts of a vehicle are recyclable provided the parts are in excellent working condition.

Let’s Look at the Vital Environmental Benefits

  • Diverse natural resources are used for manufacturing vehicles. On average, around 13 million tonnes of scrap metal is being recycled year-on-year. And we could save more than 1000 kilogrammes of iron ore every year for each tonne recycled.
  • Further, you’ll be contributing towards lowering the greenhouse gases and carbon footprint of coal plants, which is one of the biggest contributors for emissions.
  • Similarly, recycling steel is easier for manufacturers because it needs lesser levels of energy to melt down and remould steel when compared to mining and transporting it.

Major Benefits of Using Recycled Auto Parts

  • Using second-hand auto parts has an added major benefit – along with reaping significant savings, you’ll also assist the environment by lowering the demand on newer manufactured auto parts. Moreover, you’ll get original auto parts for your vehicle, rather than buying imitation auto products that might fit your vehicle but won’t give decent performance. Besides, buying imitation or replica auto parts can cost you more in the long run.
  • It’s recommended to choose original spare parts to receive good performance out of your vehicle, as well as, increase your vehicle’s lifespan. However, buying brand new auto parts can create a hole in your pocket; thus, buying used original parts can help you to save significantly.
  • Furthermore, you’ll be keeping the vehicles away from the landfill, thereby, protecting the local environment.

When Can It Get Indispensable To Use Genuine/Original Spare Parts?

  • Substandard parts will often have to be replaced, as they have less life than original spare parts and over the long run, they can damage your vehicle as well.
  • Substandard parts can also create other mechanical glitches, which may not be easily visible to you at first.
  • What’s more, some important parts need to be replaced with original or new parts:
    • For example, you may not be very confident to drive your car when your car’s brakes aren’t working as intended, as such brakes are a vital component of your vehicle and you can’t cut corners when replacing it, so you need to fit new or used brakes but of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) only.
    • Conversely, it’s fine to fit replica or non-branded mirrors, as it won’t affect your vehicle’s performance.

Final Words

When you buy second-hand auto parts from your nearest Ford auto wrecker, you’ll be supporting a local business, and they will have the Ford parts you’re looking for in their ready stock or they will source it for you through their rock-solid network, at the same affordable rates. That means you don’t have to worry or go elsewhere to get the vehicle parts you need to keep your Ford car running smoothly and efficiently, giving out the best performance and fuel economy. What’s more, you can grab a fantastic deal at your local Ford car parts shop and specialist auto wreckers.

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