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How regular carpet cleaning improves the air quality in your home?

Carpets are known to trap dust, pathogens, bacteria which hamper the indoor air quality and possibly make you ill. A lot of people are unaware of the major role carpet plays in affecting the indoor air quality, and don’t have the knowledge to properly clean and maintain their carpet.

Undoubtedly, there is a whole army of pollutants lying beneath your carpet. Some common ones are dust, pet dander, lead, debris, roaches and pest, allergens and more. However, the steps given below will help you improve the air quality of your house.

Vacuum weekly

It is important to keep your carpets maintained. It is suggested to vacuum the entire carpet once or twice weekly.

Use a good quality vacuum cleaner

Choose a high-quality vacuum cleaner decked with High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter.

Steam clean your carpet

Constant cleaning and maintenance of the carpet doesn’t just enhance the appearance but ensures that you and your loved one are living in a good and healthy environment. Steam cleaning deeply cleanses your carpets and wipes out all pathogens, dirt and trapped allergens from the carpet, thereby improving the air quality.

Remove carpets from kitchen and bathrooms

Keep your kitchens and bathrooms free from carpets to avoid mold growth as moisture is prevalent here.

Keep your house well-ventilated

Make sure the moisture level in the house is lower than 51% to lower the presence of dust mites and ensuring the home is well-ventilated to enhance air quality.

Indoor air quality is essential

As per the EPA, indoor air pollution is more than outside air. The indoor air quality of your home can differ greatly, but a clean carpet enhances the indoor air quality.

So, what are you breathing?

Poor indoor air quality poses a major threat to your health. With energy concerns, the risk further rises. Because of higher utility bills, people tightly seal their buildings which limits the air flow in the house. It means lower ventilation rate and an increase in the particle level of indoor air. Hence, you need to enhance your indoor air quality with a thorough cleaning of the rooms and carpets.

Carpet cleaning

If you own carpets, then it works as a big filter to trap and collect indoor air pollutants, thus preventing them from returning to the breathing zone. Well, this sounds great!

But, eventually your carpet will be filled with dry soil and pollutants and never work efficiently just like the air filter in your car.

Hence, carpet cleaning is like cleaning the air filters. You can improve your air quality by cleaning your carpet. Getting your carpets regularly cleaned doesn’t just help in improving the appearance of the carpet but also improves your indoor environmental health.

So, if you are looking to enhance your indoor air quality, then get your carpets cleaned instantly at We can regularly vacuum your carpet or do a deep steam clean once or twice a year with our advanced technology and well-trained professionals.

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