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How Savvy Entrepreneurs Plan a Typical Day

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Do you ever wonder how top business professionals plan their days? Most entrepreneurs struggle with planning, both short and long versions of the discipline. Day-planning is more science than art, which makes it easy to borrow templates from those who know what they're doing. Hundreds of books have been written on how to arrange a professional work day, but there are a few traits all the methods have in common. Here's a short guide to how you can become a more effective business owner by using creative planning strategies.

Busy Professionals Don't Stand in Line

Standing in line is dead time, by any definition of that term. Smart entrepreneurs don't do it. Instead, they use online applications to get what they need. That includes things like driver's license renewals, homeowner’s insurance, bank loans, and medical marijuana cards. The big time-savers are not having to travel to an office to fill out applications, and not having to stand in line after getting there. It's the old double whammy of wasted time, as anyone who has ever applied in-person for car tags can attest.

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Adaptive Scheduling Is the Secret Sauce

One of the newest buzz words in business planning circles is adaptive scheduling. It's a fancy term for the act of making a schedule but not viewing it as an unbreakable rule of law. The point is having a detailed map of each day's activities along with a time estimate for each one.

Breaks Are Invigorating and Social

Use breaks wisely and your body will respond in a positive way. That means getting out of the office and going for a walk, or at least spending time socializing and not talking about business. The brain needs a breather too, so don't waste your free minutes immersed in shop talk or tied to the chair. Get up, get out, breathe fresh air, and have a laugh or two. The rest of your working day will go by faster and you'll get more done.

Overtime is Not a Necessity

Entrepreneurs set their own schedules, so it's easy to overdo it. Be careful to keep your weeks to 40 hours. Avoid taking work home and doing long hours on weekend days. the general rule is to make overtime a rarity, only allowing extra hours for special projects and emergencies.

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