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How School Management Software helps in Staff Management!

Staff Management can be quite a taxing task for any institution. However, for the overall of the development of the school, it is imperative that staff management is given the attention that it needs.

A school’s growth and development, in a large way depends on its employees. If the employees are satisfied and well taken care of, they are ready to work extra hard and give their best every time.

The School Management Software, with its staff management module, can make staff management easy and effortless. In order to know how, read on.

  • It stores all the information about the staff

The School Management Software maintains all the records of its employees. From their designation to the work experience they have, everything is stored in there. Also, every staff member has his/her own profile, where all of their details are given. Thus, it becomes easy for the authorities to find anything they want to know about any particular employee, at any given point of time. They do not have to bury themselves in heaps of papers anymore. The data they want is just one click away. Hence, it makes their work much simpler and less time-consuming.

  • It manages the attendance and leaves taken by the employees

Attendance management is an integral part of employee management. With the School Management System Software, attendance management of the employees becomes extremely easy. It acts like an attendance manager and has all the attendance records of the employees. It also keeps a track of the number of leaves taken by them. Thus, one can easily calculate how much time a staff member has dedicated to his/her work throughout the month.

  • It helps in payroll management

Since the School ERP Software keeps a record of the attendance of the staff, managing their payroll follows from there. On the basis of the hours that an employee has put in throughout the month, his or her salary can be estimated for that month. As this is not a manually operated system, there is no chance for human errors either. So, the employees get only as much as they deserve, based on the work they have done in a month. It leaves no room for employee grievances as this is a fair and accurate payroll management system.

staff management
  • It keeps a record of every chapter taught by the teaching staff

The School Management Software maintains a record of every chapter that has been or is being taught by the teachers. Every teacher’s profile has a list of the subjects that are being taught by him/her. The teacher has to submit his/her lesson plan while teaching a chapter and set certain goals that he/she wishes to accomplish by the end of it. The teachers have to keep updating this section until the syllabus is completely finished by them. Also, they have to present a record of the overall performance of the class in the various tests and exams. The school authorities can keep checking it throughout and also by the end of the session.

  • The staff becomes more engaged in the development of the school

Employee engagement is one of the many advantages of School ERP Software. With this system, the school authorities can engage the staff in a lot of ways. For instance, they can set specific goals for the staff to meet within a certain period of time. They can then keep a track of their performance throughout the session and thus by the end, they can decide if the employees have achieved their goals or not. This keeps the staff on their toes and they actively try to do their work as flawlessly as possible. So, in a way, it leads to the overall development of the school.

  • Employee appraisal, feedback and rewards

When it comes to workforce management, employee appraisal is extremely necessary. This software allows the school authorities to follow the performance of the staff and appraise their work from time to time. They can always be sure with their judgements as this system presents a fair picture of the work done by the staff. On the basis of that, they can give the employees feedback and point out the areas where they need to improve. If a staff member has done particularly well in one session, they can also reward him/her in any way they consider appropriate.

  • Better communication between the staff and the authorities

The School Management Software makes communication between the staff and the school authorities better. In a day-to-day busy schedule, it is not always possible for the staff and the authorities to meet and discuss every little problem. With the help of this software however, they can always stay in touch. The authorities can make an announcement anytime and the staff will be notified immediately. Similarly, if any staff member has any query or doubt, he or she can send a message to the authorities via the software.

At Vasp Technologies, our School Management Software, Desalite Connect performs all of these functions and a lot more. From managing all the information about the staff to giving them feedback, Desalite Connect makes staff management much easier and hassle-free. Once you use it, you will never go back!

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