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How Should You Feed Your Leopard Gecko Pet

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Leopard geckos, the reptiles from Southeast Asia, are a popular pet for reptile lovers. They are gentle and have some amazing colors in their body. 

But, they are desert lizards, and you need to take care of them properly to ensure they remain healthy. Among their care regimen, feeding is a crucial routine. Often pet owners need some guidance about how to feed their gecko. Here, you will find everything related to leopard gecko feeding.  So, read till the end to know more.

 Their feeder insects: 

 Leopard geckos tend anything that moves. Additionally, they can eat different types of insects. It is better to include various kinds of insects in their diet to offer them a complete meal. 

        In general, crickets and mealworms are great for their daily diets. You can also feed them small-sized dubia roaches. 

        You can provide them with an occasional meal of wax worms or butter worms. Silkworms, hornworms are also useful as treats. 

It is better to purchase food supplements like feeder insects from a reputable shop. They can provide you with the best quality insects for your pet. Some pet owners even choose to breed insects for a constant supply for their gecko. The choice is all yours in this matter. Additionally, you also need to invest in supplements like vitamins or minerals to offer them complete nutrition.


 Feeding instructions

 If you need to feed your leopard gecko properly, you can follow these tips-

         Gut load or dust the feeder insects

load or dust the feeder insects

 You need to gut load the feeder insects for at least 24 hours before feeding them to your gecko. Additionally, make sure to dust all of the foods in supplements. You can individually dust them or put them inside a bag containing supplements and dust these insects. It is not necessary to repeat this procedure every time you feed. Gut loading or dusting is best for an interval of three feeding sessions.

         Feeding according to size

Feeding according to size 1


Leopard geckos have different feeding schedules according to their age. You need to maintain the prescribed format to make sure your pet gets proper nutrition according to its age.

o   If you have a hatchling or less than 12 months, feed them regularly. It is because they need more calories and nutrition to grow.

o   Older geckos have few requirements, and feeding them after three to four days is enough.


         How to  place the insects inside the cage


place the insects inside the cage 1

o   It would help if you placed the feeder insects inside the cage of your leopard gecko. Try to put in such a way that it catches the attention of your pet gecko.

o   It is best to offer them only the right amount of food to prevent your gecko from overeating. Additionally, residue insects can cause an unhygienic atmosphere inside the cage. Hence, make sure to put an exact number of feeder insects for them.

o   If you are feeding your gecko cricket, you need to put them as near as possible.

o   In the case of mealworms, take the required number of them and place them in a food bowl near your gecko. You cannot put them on the cage directly as they can burrow inside the substrate. 


        How to provide them with water

provide them with water


 Your leopard gecko also needs water to keep them hydrated. If you do not provide it with water in the proper amount, the gecko might get dehydrated. So, make sure to provide enough water.


o   Use a shallow bowl to provide water. It will decrease the chance of the gecko drowning in the water.

o   Clean the bowl regularly and place freshwater in the cage. Impure, old, and dirty water can cause diseases in your pet.

o   It is better to use only tap waters or regular drinking waters for your pet. If the water contains chlorine, you may need to filter it again or provide water without chlorine for your pet. Chlorine is harmful to reptiles. So, you need to avoid chlorinated water.

You can follow the above instructions to feed your pet in the right way. Also, check how much your pet eats and prevent overeating for any health-related disorder.

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