How Shoulder Boxes is the First Choice for Jewelry Shipping?


Many a time, you may have seen boxes in the market that have a tray glued to their base that protrudes on top of the base of the box. These boxes are termed as shoulder boxes. The top edge of the base of the box gets the name of the shoulder, and the protruding tray that is glued on top is called the neck of the box. They are manufactured from the best quality rigid cardboard. The glued tray is sometimes glued not to the base but to the lid of the box, but the mechanism and function of the box remain the same in both ways. If one looked at jewelry shipping today, one would discover that the majority of brands are using shoulder encasing. What is this packaging so popular? Why is it considered a go-to option by many? To know the reasons, an in-depth analysis is required.


Incredible Protection

Jewelry items are usually fragile and elegant, necessitating the use of packaging that is worthy of protecting them. Here, a great choice, undoubtedly, are shoulder boxes. Its protective capabilities are one of the reasons for its popularity. No matter how fragile an item is packaged in it, one can be sure that it will be able to protect it. Its unique structure makes that possible. The lid on top is locked inside a shoulder created around the base. As the base is strong, it can protect jewelry well. While the top part is secured by the fortified lid that locks inside the base when the box is closed. This kind of protection makes it a perfect choice for shipping jewelry to long distances. Shipping is a complex process that involves a lot of elements with the potential to damage jewelry. But with shoulder encasing, there is no such worry.



Additional Safety


One can always add to the protection already available. For instance, cushioning of a shoulder box can always be enhanced using protective layers. One of the most popular layers is the bubble wrap. This increased cushioning comes handy as the box is able to absorb more pressure than usually comes during shipping. There are also other outer layers, such as the UV layer that keeps damage from UV under control. In addition to that, it also provided a glossy finish to the box, making it scratch- and smudge-resistant.


Efficient Design


Another important factor to consider for shipping, or generally, is the design of shoulder box packaging. Modern shipping and handling for efficient designs as bulky designs are out of fashion now. Not only they increased the weight and cost of shipments, but they were also very difficult to handle. Hence, the old designs have been rightfully replaced by the newer, more efficient ones. Shoulder encasing is known for its effectiveness as it has not bells and whistles and gets straight to the point. It is simple and efficient, and that is what makes it unique. As the structure suggests, the lid of the box sits in place tightly. The shape of the box is usually square or rectangular. Both of these shapes are known for their stability. During shipments, these boxes can be packed together without any worry of damage.


Keeping Costs Down


Nobody has unlimited amounts of money, and there are set budgets that people have to follow. This is a hard reality that many have to face while purchasing Printed shoulder boxes. Luckily, one does not need to spend a fortune today for acquiring quality packaging. Printing technology has progressed enough to provide everyone with brilliant packaging at affordable prices. Shoulder encasing is also one type of packaging that follows the same vein. It is produced from affordable raw materials that are widely available. For instance, a rigid shoulder box is made from rigid, an affordable material. Hence, production costs are low. Moreover, printing technologies also aid in producing affordable packaging as they reduce energy costs, resulting in benefits for both brands and consumers. This reduction in costs is felt throughout the market, from the manufacturers to the store owners to consumers.


Ready to Use

This is one of the most unique and commendable advantages of luxury shoulder packaging that is often overlooked by many. In fact, it should serve as a gauge while testing packaging for efficiency. While some other types of packaging need assembling, shoulder encasing sets itself apart by being readily available for usage. There are no varied parts that have to be put together. There is extra time that needs to be spent on assembling those parts. All of that fuss reduced to nothing using shoulder encasing. It has just two essential parts that take no time to come together and creating a strong, efficient box. One has only got to take the lid and put it on top of the box. And there you go, an efficient box for safe and secure shipment is ready.


There are many more advantages of shoulder packaging, but some of the core ones have been described in detail here. These details lend credence to the fact that shoulder packaging is perfect for shipping jewelry, no matter how much the distance. As it becomes more affordable, we can expect its use to rise even further.