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How small business owners protect his business secrets from theft?

Business organizations over the years have become reluctant to protect their business secrets from theft. Therefore, small business owners, in particular, are looking forward to setting monitoring tools on their company’s owned devices to protect the business secrets and as well for the protection of business intellectual property. Employees over the years are reportedly responsible for data theft from business owned computers, tablets, and cell phones. 

Therefore, employers are desperate to do constant surveillance on the company’s owned devices provided to the employees to manage online operations and as well for the storage of the company’s secrets. So, business owners are looking forward to getting their hands on the cell phone and computer monitoring software that empowers them to spy on employee’s activities in real-time and provide them real-time proves to make them accountable any time.

 Today, I am going to give all business owners how they can manage to protect their business confidentiality to the next level using phone and PC spy software. Now, get to know how would you able to get their hands on the high –tech tools to track employee’s activities to make use of the safety of business secrets for small businesses in particular.

How to get best PC & cell phone surveillance app to protect business secrets? 

Are you a small business owner and you worried to protect your business confidential data from theft online or via employees? Then put your all worries to rest and install mobile phone and computer spying software. 

You can do it by visiting the official website TheOneSpy monitoring app. Take a further step ahead and subscribe for a surveillance app for mobile phone and computer devices. You will receive credentials via an email.

 Furthermore, take the target device into your possession for a while and start the installation instantly. After completing the installation process you would be able to activate it on the target device. 

Moreover, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can get the multiple tools with the accordance of the subscription such as for the monitoring of cell phone or PC running with different OS. Let’s get to know how employers can protect business secrets on company’s owned laptop desktop computers machines and on cell phones by using high –tech tools given below. 

Phone monitoring app features

Live Screen recording

Employers can prevent theft of the data stored on the company’s owned devices by recording short videos of the screen in real-time in terms of short videos of the screen by using live screen recording software.


You can remotely capture screenshots to see all the activities employees have performed on the target device screen.

Data backup

The end-user can retrieve all the data stored on the target device having back up. In-case theft of the data, you can visit the web control panel to get the synced data again in your device storage.

Surround Monitoring

You can simply record surround sounds and conversation to know what employees are talking about using MIC bug app on the company’s owned devices. Moreover, you can capture surrounds using spyvidcam bug.

Web filtering

Employers can stop visiting particular websites that put malicious malware into the user cell phone. You can simply block the websites by putting URLs and keywords of the website into filters.

Keystrokes logging

You can get all the keystrokes applied on the company’s owned cell phones such as password, messenger and SMS keystrokes using keystrokes logging software.

MAC spy app features

Camera Bug

Employers can monitor or control MAC laptop devices of the company to know who is up to the device at the moment to know about the fishy activities happening on target MAC laptop desktop devices.

Mic bug 

You can record and listen to the conversations, voices and surrounds to listen to the employees’ talks on MAC computers

Live screen recorder

You can record live screen activities employee are performing on the company’s MAC screen in real –time.

Windows surveillance software features

Email monitoring

You can monitor all sent/received emails to know what is being done via emails using windows monitoring app.

Website blocking

You can block websites remotely on the company’s Windows devices that can become the factor of malware. You can put the URLs into the filters.

Record surrounds

Now you can record surround sounds, conversations and Voices of employees on windows using surround monitoring for windows.

Data backup

An end-user can get the data back if the windows device data has lost or theft due to unauthorized access of employees.


Phone and computer tracking software is the best tool for employers to protect small business secrets and attempts to the fullest. It enables a user to stay updated about the activities on the devices in real-time.

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