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How social media apps can help when you are depressed

In this day and age, especially while living amidst the pandemic, the job market has gone down. People are unable to enjoy the lifestyles they aspired for due to the lockdown and due to lack of sufficient income. The word 'depression was rarely used in the past but now it is becoming common, even among youngsters. Luckily, the use of social media apps has also become very common and, although many people discredit them, they have an important part to play in alleviating stress levels. NEEOPAL, a free chat app, can help you fight depression once you acquaint yourself well with all its features. Listed below are some of the ways that social media can have a favorable effect on your mental health:

  1. Releases the 'feel good' chemical:

According to research the use of social media releases ‘dopamine’ in the brain. This chemical relaxes you and improves your appetite for food and socialization. Some people are addicted to social media platforms because when you use them once you feel the need to use them again. The often-unpredictable nature of some of these platforms makes people want to use them repeatedly. When you put up a post, for

instance, you don’t know how many ‘likes’ you’ll get on it so you’ll constantly keep logging in to check.

  • Uplifts the self-esteem:

When people use social media platforms it makes them feel like part of a bigger whole. They feel important when people 'like' their posts or write positive comments. They are also aware of how some of their social media pals bank on them for their 'likes' and 'comments'. It is kind of a mutual admiration committee which is anything but harmful because what you're doing is appreciating someone and they're appreciating you back. A minor ‘love’ emoji can change your mood within seconds and bring you back to life.

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  • Improved awareness:

It is safe to assume that people were more naïve before the advent of social media platforms. Some friends and lovers might pretend to be loyal in person but their true nature is exposed online. You feel let down when a seemingly close friend doesn't show up at your birthday party, you ask her and she tells you she wasn't well. The next day you see her tagged in someone else's party photographs. Getting to know the 'reality will pinch you at first but then you will feel triumphant for learning the truth about someone before getting involved with them further.

  • Like-minded people:

There might be times be when you feel like an alien in your surroundings, whether it is home or school. You seem to have very unique opinions regarding most matters which makes you feel like an outsider since you can't relate to anyone. Social media platforms connect you to the world and so many different individuals. You often comment on posts and see how others have posted similar comments. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that there are others out there who think just like you and you can connect with them easily using free chat apps.

  • Coming out of yourself:

While scrolling through your newsfeed you'll notice several status updates. People often tend to post important information on their walls, such as the news of someone's sickness or death. You see how the loss of some other people on your list is much greater compared to your loss. This makes you think less about your hurt and more sympathetic towards the other person going through a serious crisis. Social media apps help you come out of yourself and prevent you from brooding over non-issues.

  • Empowering groups and communities:

When you’re going through an experience that requires serious attention but you just know how to take a step forward, social media apps can help motivate you. For instance, there are groups and communities which talk about the effects of bullying on young individuals. You can guess that people who are part of such communities were either bullied at some point in their lives or saw someone else being bullied. If you feel

like you’re being bullied but don’t have the confidence to take a stand you can seek help

from community members.

Regardless of the many benefits that social media apps offer when you’re feeling extremely low, you need to be cautious of how often you use them. Using your free chat app once a day, for half an hour or so will have a positive impact on your life. Using it non-stop, however, could lead to more problems rather than reducing them. It’s all about mastering the art of self-discipline and self-control. Download the NEEO Messenger app and try out its various features for a destressing, nerve soothing experience. Its nearby feature allows users to find new friends around the globe. Your friends will come closer and depression will flee far away.

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