How Technology Has Changed Education


The world is changing at a rapid pace. The advancement of technology has brought in so many changes. With respect to education and technology in education, we have come a long way. From the Gurukul system, where students used to stay with their teacher to learn, to virtual classrooms that are just a click away, we have really come a long way. Education has changed in so many ways. Even before the onset of the global pandemic, schools and educational institutions were getting digital and there was a lot of involvement of technology in classrooms. With the pandemic, education has become redefined. More and more people are taking online classes and virtual classrooms. Today we will be looking at technology in education and how technology is shaping the future of education.

Without further ado, let’s look at technology in education and the changes that it has brought.

Technology in Education- Major Advantages

  • Increased Access to Education

Online teaching and online education have made it possible for students to access education from anywhere. The accessibility that technology has brought is commendable and due to the cost-effectiveness, more students can afford education and that is one of the best changes that technology in education has brought. The geographical boundaries can be broken, the cost, as discussed, is considerably less and there are a lot more advantages to online education. With online teaching apps like Teachmint, it is easier for teachers to conduct online classes or essayservice review and it is student-friendly as well.

  • More Chances for Collaboration

Teachers can collaborate with each other and share ideas, lesson plans, teaching strategies, and likewise. Technology in education has helped to create strong communities that help each other grow. Brainstorming and collaborations with other teachers will open avenues to new ideas and thus make teaching better. With technology, teachers and students can connect with anyone regardless of where they are from.

  • Breaks Down Boundaries

As mentioned earlier, technology in education has helped to break and jump boundaries such as location, cost, accessibility, and likewise. Students can be in any part of the world and still do courses that they love from the comfort of their homes or wherever they stay. The same applies to teachers. It helps to break the boundaries that otherwise exist.

  • Wide-Scale Reach

With technology in education, teachers and tutors can reach a large number of students from the comfort of their homes. Earlier students, as well as teachers,  had restrictions based on location. Online teaching apps like Teachmint do not have restrictions on the number of students that can be added to a live class and this helps both teachers and students alike. As mentioned earlier, the kind of accessibility that technology provides is commendable.

  • Convenience and Ownership

Students can learn at their own pace, they have access to countless resources and can develop their self-discipline. The same applies to teachers, they don’t have to work in a strict framework of another institution, they can be independent. Students can listen to the recorded classes, they can work while studying. To put it simply, it brings ease and effortlessness to the table.

  • Coaching and skills

Technology in learning helps both students and teachers to develop their technological skills. The coaching is better, contrary to popular belief. In online classes, the feedback is prompt and timely and since all the resources that they need are available anytime, the coaching is better and quality education is imparted.

  • Lifelong Learning

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Learn as if you were to live forever and live as if you were to die tomorrow.” Learning and growing go hand in hand. The advancement in technology has helped people to learn every day. There are a lot of online courses that have no bar on age and this motivates and helps people to learn more and as mentioned previously, it helps people to develop their skills. Online education is an upskilling in itself.

  • Interesting and Fun

The importance of technology in education cannot be sidelined. Education technology has made it possible for teachers to make classes more fun and interesting. With the use of technology in education such as online teaching tools, animations, etc, teachers can make their classes interactive and make sure that students stay engaged. It also helps students to understand the concepts better. The different types of educational technology have made this possible.

  • Affordable/ Cost Effectiveness

The different types of educational technology have brought in cost-effectiveness. Teachers and coaching centers don’t have to spend hefty sums on infrastructure, books, and papers since everything has become online. Students don’t have to travel and find accommodation so it is cost-effective for them as well.

  • Simulation and modeling

Technology in education has helped with simulation and modeling. A simulation model is a tool par excellence for scenario planning. It is used to test the scope of education methods and strategy, and to propose other options that can help cope with the changing environments.


Technology in education is reshaping the ways of teaching and learning. It has brought ease and effectiveness to the table and has helped people across the globe in many ways. Optimum use of technology will redefine the education sector altogether and bring in the right changes and of course, people have to be sensible and reasonable while using technology to ensure the best results.