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How Technology is Aiding Business Growth

Technology has had a huge influence on the e-commerce world, transforming the way people connect with businesses and giving them ways to shop more economically and cost-effectively. Ecommerce has become a part of day to day life and because of that more and more people are shopping online without any issue. Planning, strategic marketing, and skilled labour aside, the e-commerce world will remain up to date with the latest technologies.

As more and more businesses are relying on technology worldwide, they continue to strengthen their marketing, product development, and customer engagement. Having the availability of technology sets you apart from your competition, whether you are a start-up business or an already established one. This is true for internet technology and computers. Your business might be already taking advantage of certain technologies but you might be underutilizing them or missing on updated ones. Due to this, you might be missing out on the chance to grow your business even further.

Just a couple of decades ago, technology for businesses mainly consisted of the use of landline phones, calculators, or typewriters. Flash forward to today and technology has become the driving force behind every business's success. The technology used in businesses is mainly referred to as data collection, science, and the use of computers to achieve economic success and organizational goals. The use of a website is also crucial if you want to achieve success in the world of business today. Due to technology being an important aspect of this century, every business must incorporate some aspect of it into their businesses to achieve growth and success. Whether it be something as simple as getting a webpage created or giving customer promotional offers through SMS or email, you must introduce it into your business if you want to succeed in the future and stay one step ahead of your competition. Similarly, you can get a website created through a web design agency Sydney. Today, we are going to share with you some things which indicate how technology is aiding business growth. These things are listed as follows;

Omni-Channel Support

Making use of technology is all about providing customers with what they want, when they want, and where they can buy it. Shopping habits usually involve the process of cross-channel researching, purchase, and consideration. It was stated in research that 90 per cent of customers want smooth cross-sectional interactions, that is, great adaptability of things to be done on mobile devices.

Video chat allows customers to have face-to-face interaction with businesses and helps them create a more personalized shopping experience.

Screen sharing allows customers to set up a session on their computers where agents can control their home screen from their computers to solve difficulties filling forms etc.

Document interaction allows agents to handle the client’s documents in a more secured manner. These methods usually ensure a safe and user-friendly experience to help them out with any difficulties they might be facing when doing anything online.


Personalization is the most important aspect when it comes to growing your business. Customers expect a shopping experience that is tailored to their preferences. Personalization can be done effectively by learning a customer’s buying habits. Due to the evolvement of technology, this can be easily achieved as most of the customer’s buying history is usually saved as a big pool of data online.

To achieve this, AI(artificial intelligence) and machine learning are used to capture what a customer's buying and searching habits are and things are then personalized accordingly.

Mobile Platforms

Making your business mobile-friendly is important and has become an important aspect nowadays for every business, be it big or small. Failing to adopt this practice will make you lose potential customers and put the business growth at risk. Therefore, you must equip your business with a mobile-friendly ecosystem to help you bring in more customers and have success in the future.

Mobile apps allow customers to stay up to date with new deals and offers and helps them to engage with your brand to help them realize any new purchasing opportunities.

Location-based marketing is also used to make products more location-oriented as it will make you realize where your customers live and what product will benefit them the most at a certain location.

Conversational Marketing

Traditional marketing is fine and dandy, but nowadays conversational marketing has opened up new doors for businesses to become more successful in the future and grow at a fast pace. Getting information from customers is always better than to predict what they want yourself. Establishing a real-time, personalized, and one on one conversational experience will allow you to know what your customers want.

An example of a great conversational tool is Chatbots. They can handle multiple conversations at the same and make everything more easy for you. They enable you to answer your customer’s questions while maintaining a positive outlook for your business.

Live chat is a more hands-on experience as a representative of your business remains online 24/7 and answers any queries your customers might have about certain products or services. Most of all, all this is done in realtime.

Mobile messaging is also used to send out messages to your loyal customers about any offers or promotions you might be offering, plus, it is a great alternative to using email.

Easy Check-Out Process

With more and more businesses moving towards online stores, having a great platform that presents a customer with multiple payments and an easy check-out option will make your brand grow at a fast pace than usual. Usually, cart abandonment is a very big issue when it comes to e-commerce. One of the biggest reasons a customer abandons their cart is because of the multiple pages he or she has to go through just to reach the payment options page.

Therefore, if you want your business to become an online powerhouse, you must take certain steps to make the process of purchasing an item easy and efficient. Nowadays, people usually use their mobile devices to purchase products.

Apple pay and android pay are two big platforms that people use to pay from their mobile devices with just one touch. They usually have their debit card details stored in their apple or android accounts and just require one touch of a button to complete the payment. So, it is a good idea to integrate your online store with such an option.

Also, consider providing customers with one step checkout options to have a more hassle-free shopping experience. Often times a business requires you to fill out details before even reaching the payment page. Make things simple for your customer and you will have a more user-friendly buying experience and get more growth and success.

Aso, the last thing to do would be to offer the customer with different payment gateways like credit or debit card or through a Paypal, not everyone doing an online transaction will have a credit or debit card, so, you must give them some other type of payment option to avoid them abandoning their shopping carts

The Final Words

Today, we have made you aware of how the use of technology is aiding business growth in this century and why every business must introduce some form of it in their dealing with a customer to ensure growth and success.

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