How The branded products Can Be Proper Promotional Gifts


Prospecting is an essential action for any business that wants to develop. Offering business promotional item makes an impression and reaches your prospect. You can send a mailing with augmented reality for example. You can also your presentation, your catalog on a customized or original advertising USB key.

You are organizing an event or exhibiting at a trade fair

Trade fairs, conventions, seminars, company anniversaries, festivals, price awards, product launches so many examples of event communication, whether internal or external. The event is used as an image vector. This is often where communication objects are used the most. Most of the time, there are classic objects: personalized pens, notepads, tote bags and other branded products.

Innovate. Why not offer delicacies, smartphone supports for cars, or even travel sets. The organizer and the announcer will distribute gifts to the guests, thus leaving a trace of the event, memory of a pleasant moment.

You wish to stimulate your sales

Stimulating the sales force is a very important part of business success. There are several stimulation techniques, most of the time it will be organized in the form of an individual or collective challenge that involves an endowment in money or material. A motivated seller is a profitable investment for the company. One of the most effective animation techniques is making people want to sell thanks to a beautiful gift.

86% of companies that organize business challenges rewarded with gifts notice a real increase in their turnover during the operation period.There is no shortage of ideas to reward your employees: a beautiful atmosphere lamp, a plaid or even a connected product like the Hector cube.

You want to retain your customers

Retaining a customer costs 5 to 10 times less than acquiring a new one. Loyalty building is a strategic issue for the company and offering a media object is a real asset for the brand. 92% of people appreciate receiving a gift from their brand to thank them for their loyalty. The corporate gift is an excellent support for federating its partners around common values. Choose it carefully. It can be a practical object like an umbrella, an elegant card holder. A shopping bag is also always a good idea for companies in the distribution or retail business.

You want to thank your collaborators

During a trade show or seminar, dress your employees with personalized textile in your colors and quality. They will thus be worn not only on the show in front of your customers or prospects but also reported on a daily basis and therefore visible to those around them. You can also offer them a practical, useful object that they can use in their daily life such as an anti-RFID card holder, or a personalized mug.

Always think about the usefulness of the object, the perception that your customer will have of it. It is always better to choose a quality object because a defective or poor quality object could harm your brand. In fact, 47% of people have a bad opinion of the brand that offered them a pub object if it is of poor quality.
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As we have seen, there are many opportunities to offer a media object.

With a single object you can:

·         Work on your reputation

·         Prospect new customers

·         Animate your event

·         Boost your sales

·         Build customer loyalty

There are so many projects and so many ways to receive a thank you.