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How the Functionality of Engine Cylinder Liners Gives Industry an Edge

Engine Cylinder Liners

A cylinder liner is an interior metal cylindrical component to be fitted into an engine block. This is an important component that is used to form a cylinder and to protect it from the wear and tear from the operations of the motor. The engine cylinder liners are manufactured very carefully and are expensive products.

The Main Functions of Cylinder Liners:

1. Formation of sliding surface

They serve as the inner wall of a cylinder that helps in the formation of an excellent sliding surface for the piston rings. It consists of four important points.

  • Great anti-galling properties
  • Low wear on the cylinder liner
  • Low wear on the partner piston ring
  • Minimum utilization of lubricant

2. Heat Transfer

Through the piston and piston rings, the cylinder liner receives combustion heat. It then conveys the heat to the coolant.

3. Compression gas sealing

The cylinder liner prevents the combustion as well as compressed gas from getting outside as cylinder liner is difficult to modify under high pressure and high temperature in the cylinder.

Cast iron cylinders have excellent wear-resistant properties and have longer service. Cast iron cylinders are mainly used for engines of trucks and buses.

Materials used for building engine blocks have been moving from cast iron to aluminum alloys as it makes the engine lightweight. Recently developed lighter engines have more power and better fuel economy.

Types of liners:

The main function of these engine cylinder liners type is to prevent the piston from heating and additional impurities using a different process.

1. Dry Cylinder Liners

These are the basic piston protectors that do not directly interact with the engine coolant but provide a very close fit with the cylinder block. They, can undergo excessive high temperature and guard against impurities. Dry cylinder liners are made up of high-grade materials such as cast iron and ceramic nickel plating.

2. Wet Cylinder Liners

Wet cylinder liners have a different way to protect the pistons. They are made up of same hard substance and has direct contact with the engine coolant. Sometimes they are also known as water jacket liners or cooling jacket.

3. Finned Cylinder Liners

Finned cylinder liners are a buildup of the same type of heat and impurity resistant metal as of Dry and Wet liners. The operations in finned cylinders work similarly to dry cylinder liner but are only designed for air-cooled engines that mean a cooling medium for the motor is air.

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