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How the Latest E-Cigarettes are Incorporating Nicotine Salts?

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The world of smoking and quitting is well known to the majority of the world population. It has been estimated that almost one billion people are addicted to smoking today's date. Studies have shown that almost 80% of the addicted smokers belong to the low or mid-income groups with close to no understanding of the actual health hazards associated with the activities of smoking or chewing tobacco.

Quitting to Smoke and E-cigarettes

Even though most of the smoking or tobacco using population is practically unaware of the ill effects of tobacco usage, there is still a large chunk, which is aware of the harms and is trying to dispose of this bad habit. However, just like any other addiction, getting rid of this treacherous habit is not an easy feat.

Raymond’s patent sleuthing told him that Juul’s special sauce had something to do with its patented nicotine formulation, called JuulSalts, which are more generally known as nicotine salts. It’s the same version of nicotine that predominates in the smoke produced by most cigarettes.

One of the most popular ways to combat the bad habit of smoking is the use of e-cigarettes. Contrary to the other popular methods against smoking addiction, the use of e-cigarettes does not force the user to stop the activity of smoking altogether.

It allows the smoker to continue the activity with the use of a device called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes filled in with fuel or vape juice that replicates the nicotine kick similar to smoking but does not have the same concentration of nicotine to start with.

Another interesting aspect of e-cigarettes is that the machine can be repeatedly used unlike a cigar or cigarette, which burns to ashes when lit. In the case of e-cigarettes, the fuel or vape juice needs to be refilled when the tank is empty. Several companies, for example, indejuice and others that have a wide array of online vaping products that one can choose at their convenience.

Use of nicotine salts in vape juice

Nicotine Salts are the latest advancements in the vaping area. They are used when any nicotine base chemically reacts with any weak acid so that a nicotine aerosol is created. Inhaling this nicotine aerosol is considered as the nearest experience to first hand smoking and is therefore the latest craze in the vaping community. The acid that is widely used for nicotine salt is benzoic acid.

The way these nicotine salts are used is quite interesting. A nicotine solution that is free-basing upon reacting with a weak acid releases a nicotine aerosol that has a lower pH level and a low pH means less irritation and burning of the throat. Besides, the uptake rate of nicotine from these salts is on the same level as that of smoking a traditional cigarette or cigar. In short, nicotine salts provide the best of both worlds.

Even though there have been no proven ill effects of nicotine salts to date, excessive use of these products must be avoided. Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US is of the opinion that “cross the blood-brain barrier and lead to potentially more effect on the developing brain in adolescents." Hence, using nicotine salts in moderation is the key to enjoy the experience.


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