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How the Maritime Industry Is Benefiting From Information Technology In 2020

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For an industry, as old as man himself, the shipping and maritime industry have not seen enough advancement in technology. If you compare the maritime industry to say other industries like automobiles or the aviation industry, it would be safe to say that the maritime industry is far behind.

However, in the last few years, many shipping companies and operators are making the move towards technology very seriously. With nearly 90% of the world’s entire global trade flowing through seas, it is important that this massive industry to take the plunge.

In this article, we look at how the maritime industry is adapting to information technology in some important aspects.

How IT is powering Communications Systems in Ships

Communication is one of the foundations of the maritime industry in open waters. With ships and vessels spread across millions of square miles of seas, great communication channels can help in a major way. This is why most of the biggest shipping operators are looking at fabrication for control panel to help them set modern technological compasses and communication systems.

We need to understand that a ship needs to communicate with multiple parties at the same time. This means other governments, vessels, and internal communications and so on. It also means that the communication needs to be safe and secure and not fall prey to hacking or cyber-attacks.

In the past few years, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the communication systems in ships. They do this, as they know that it is not very advanced. Sending a ship on a wrong route can open it to many dangers and financial losses.

Communicating with other vessels and preventing catastrophic accidents or coming to the aid of one another is also aided upon by better communication systems.

IT can play a major role in Cargo Processing and other Logistics

The shipping and maritime industry handle huge volumes of global trade in the form of containers. However, like many other heavy industries, it too suffers from a lack of efficiency in many areas. Most notable among them are operations, storage, logistics and supply.

If you have seen the loading and unloading process on a cargo ship, you will understand the amount of time spent. By using, newer models of technology, this aspect can be boosted with rigorous efficiency at all levels.

Blockchain Technology is slowly emerging as one of the best approaches to maintain official transactions in a lightning-fast and secure manner.

Many of the biggest shipping companies in the world have already started experimenting with Blockchain technology. They are using the application especially in the field of logistics and for supply-chain solutions.

Can Navigation Systems benefit from advanced Technology onboard Ships?

While Jack Sparrow might have used compasses and telescopes on board his ships, the captain of a modern ship has access to the best navigation solutions. Even as we speak, major tech companies are working to help develop the most advanced and sophisticated navigation software for ships.

These state-of-the-art navigation systems use satellites, GPS positioning, advanced radars, and digital mapping to help captains navigate with complete access to information.

This helps in maintaining the safety and security of the crew onboard the ship. In addition, it also helps improve efficiency, seek newer and faster routes and bring down travel time.

Without the right navigation tools, there are many dangers at sea, which ships can encounter. Storms, hostile nations as well as pirates are some of the major threats, which the best navigation software can help avoid.


The shipping industry has benefitted greatly from advancements in technology. This is expected to continue well into the future as global trade continues to rely upon shipping to power itself. The next goal is to evolve sustainable models of maritime trade, which cut emissions, promote green technology and do not harm marine life in the oceans.

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