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How the new pattern of CBSE Class 10 for 2020 differ from previous year question paper Class 10

A drastic change takes place in the recent question pattern of CBSE Class 10. It is obviously a piece of brainstorming news for all the CBSE students who are going to appear for Class 10 exams in 2020. The drastic change in the question pattern creates a huge impact on the mind of the students as they are much accustomed and comfortable with the pattern of previous year question paper class 10. So, it's quite natural that the students will panic and feel exhausted as the new question pattern is completely unknown to you.

Now, it's time to leave your comfort zone and prepare yourself to fit the best with the newly introduced question pattern. As per the recent updates, it is now known to all that the question pattern has been changed to ease the burden of class 10 exams. So, don't get panicked, stay relaxed and go through the recent newly pattern question to overcome the fear and for the best preparation.

Two-level exam pattern

The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently introduced a new examination pattern for class 10. According to the view of the board, the changed exam pattern will reduce the stress level for the exam. So, it's good news for the students as they don't have to take so much pressure like the previous years.

According to the recent updates, the schedule of the examination has been split into two parts followed by main course and vocational course. In the previous years, the students have to prepare for the single 100 marks papers. So, from now, get ready to prepare yourself for this new two levelled exam.

Internal examination is mandatory

Generally, the students have to appear only in the single 100 marks selection test and pre-selection tests that were much stressful for the students. In the previous pattern, the students don't get much time for the last preparation. Now, the new exam pattern makes it easier for the students as they only have to appear in the internal examination. According to the new rules, the internal examination will be held in your school so you don't have fear about the new ambience for the internal exam.

Even, the internal exam will ultimately determine whether the students can approach the written exam of Class 10 or not. So, it's very important for you to score good grades in the internal exam so that you can be eligible for the written one.

Only 80 marks written exam

It may seem surprising to the students of the CBSE board but the students indeed have to prepare for only 80 marks written exam. Generally, as per the previous rules, the students need to take preparation for the full 100 marks exam whereas the recent changes in marks make it less stressful for you for Class 10 preparation.

As per the new question pattern, the internal exam carries only 20 marks and the remaining 80 marks is for the written exam instead of 100. But here lies the big twist as this new marks division is only applicable for English papers and mathematics. So, don’t panic, forget about the fearful question pattern of the previous papers. It’s time to give a fresh start and study hard to crack the new 80 marks written exam.

A little change in schedule

There is little change in the exam timing due to the change in the exam pattern of Class 10. Generally, the exam starts from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, but due to the recent change the timing the students will get the answer books at 10 am so that they can fill the essential details without any hurry. Additionally, the question papers will be provided at 10:15 am as it helps the students to go through the question papers carefully.

In the previous year question paper Class 10, the students used to fill all details and answers within 10:30-1:30 that was not sufficient for them and as a result it affects the performance of the students. Does it sound surprising? But it’s true, now you don't have to hurry due to lack of enough time. Only focus on your studies, give your full dedication, work hard, and be prepared for getting a top score in the upcoming 2020 CBSE board exam by following online study materials that are readily available on Vedantu.

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