How the use of expanded clay aggregate can boost a construction business?


Construction business is an integral part of modern life where people are exposed to multiple structures and buildings. One would find it challenging to have high-quality structures and buildings made out of traditional ideas and materials. It is the reason why the emergence of the lightweight concrete mix has brought about an innovative change in the world of construction today.

It is undoubtedly because expanded clay aggregate has multiple offerings to provide longer lifespan and improved structural response. Many construction firms are not yet aware of the advantages offered by the material today. It has surprisingly been a better item for construction because of its tendency to provide various helpful properties to the householder.

The benefits mentioned below will not only allow us to boost our income but also attract multiple individuals around the world, taking an interest in having a home or office made out of clay aggregate.

Water absorption resistant

A building that attracts much water might end up creating problems for the householder. We wouldn't want our house to be the perfect spot for moulds and cracks, would we? The presence of moulds can bring about issues such as bad odour, dirty wall, dissatisfied owner, and anything else related to appearance and household.

It can especially be harmful to children if they end up attracting water inside it. Little kids that have breathing problems can face difficulties while living inside such a home. It is the reason that the construction companies can benefit a lot because of clay aggregates since it offers the primary benefit of water-resistance.


Sound and thermal insulation

A home having the benefit of the thermal insulation can be much helpful for the householders at all times. It is especially beneficial to individuals, especially in terms of ecological and economic benefits. When the heat transfer between two objects is increased, one will end up facing many issues during the summer days.

It is specifically helpful to reduce the consumption of extra energy in the house. The sound insulation offers a similar benefit to the individuals by preserving the person living inside a particular home from a high level of sound pressure.

The lightweight material can attract construction firms

This particular nature of the clay aggregate blocks can appeal to many construction companies around the world. This is primarily valuable because the workload is reduced by 40 to 50% eventually. The labours working in that particular company also face the benefit of lifting lighter blocks for building a specific house.

Compressive strength is increased

Who wouldn't be attracted to the idea of having a secure building standing before our eyes? Expanded clay aggregate offers a similar deal to many householders that may get them excited to go for the construction companies today. At the present age, the product can provide high compressive strength starting from 0.6 to 3.0 N/mm2 effectively.

Protects civilians from the earthquake

There are many areas in India prone to earthquakes, allowing their lives to be at stake. An individual getting ultimate protection from a product like expanded clay aggregate would go for it. It would extend the level of benefits a construction firm can offer to the market.

Fire resistance can make the firm famous

Who wouldn't want to be in a house that can provide resistance from the fire? Expanded clay aggregate offers us precisely that, up to 1 to 6 hours. Even if the house caught on fire, we could still save ourselves without being much injured due to the use of expanded clay aggregate.


There is a reason why lightweight concrete panels are becoming famous among construction firms these days. The benefits offered by expanded clay aggregate has been high enough for the modern man to notice. The precautionary advantages of it allow one to choose better substance over the traditional ones today.