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How the use of Smart Technologies of Attendance Management Systems Influences Businesses?

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If you are wondering what the age-old musters used for attendance aren’t up to your standards, and they don’t contribute to the ease of attendance management for the employees in general. We shall discuss the use of smart technologies that can radically change the whole process to make it more productive and detail oriented. The article will also emphasize the benefits reaped by the companies if they use a dedicated HR Software solution with an Attendance Management System. Dive in deeper to polish your knowledge on the versatility of Tech solutions when it comes to timekeeping with the Indian businesses in the backdrop.

Cloud Computing and Recording Attendance:

As the HR Software solutions use cloud computing technology, the employees can mark their attendance through multiple methods, locations, and any time without any problems generated in the system. The use of biometric machines and NFC can be well accommodated by the HR Software. The employees can be located at different locations of the company, and be from any cadre along with their respective shifts without the system, making any mistake out of the complexity. The ESS Portals are also used to mark the attendance from the individual devices of the staff. The best advantage of cloud-based solutions in the HR Software is the use of Geofencing, which enables the employees to mark their attendance once they are inside the company premises. These methods can be used on a parallel basis. The system considers all the modes, and the data is synchronized to a central server where it is compiled to be processed together from a single facility. This is a great boon for both aspiring SMEs and the MNCs who operate from multiple locations without any conflicts of data validation. The cost of correspondence is also reduced drastically as there is no need to hire local supports who take care of the issue.

Centralization and Configuration:

As the cloud allows the administrator to run the system from a central location, which helps in the management process. The advantage of an HR Software to conduct this process is that the attendance is the principal component of the salaries in every organization. The pay components can be automatically generated and processed by the Payroll Processing module, which reduces the cost of running the payroll to a large extent. Apparently, the convenience delivered is appreciated by the HR professionals as they need not go to every department to validate the date of attendance and the leaves. As the software makes the cross-checking automatic, you can directly approve the process without any manual exercise. All the functions are managed actively by the system, and there is no need for any human intervention into the entire process. The compliance is also taken care of, and the management can use the reports for many purposes. The system can be configured as per your requirement and the demands of your sector, which change case to case. As an end to end solution, they offer significant profitability and low cost of operation.

ESS Portal for Attendance Management:

The ESS Portals are quite versatile, and their use in attendance management is an unprecedented advantage. The employees can apply for leaves using their credentials where the dashboard will display their leave balance, monthly records, etc. They can also apply for changes in documents in case of any error. The management can configure a limit of time before which one has to apply for leave and set up an entire leave and attendance policy as per the profile and department of the employees. The ESS Portals also allow the managers to take actions on the applications from the subordinates. This translates in the simplicity of workflow management as the managers can allocate the work to other employees well in advance to tackle any deadline with confidence. The employers also get an insight regarding the employee presence and plan accordingly.

For all the businesses with a considerable amount of employees, it is but essential to use a dedicated system for timekeeping. The time theft, proxy attendance, buddy punching, etc. are some of the problems curbed by the technological solutions as they automate all the tasks to make the complete transfer of the clerical formalities to the computer systems. There is no need to waste endless hours in capturing data from musters and then compiling it into Spreadsheet tools only to further complicate the process. Using an HR Software integrated with the  attendance management system will enhance the productivity of the whole organization and make the process simple and reliable.

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