How to Add and Listen to Podcasts on Google Play Music


Google Play Music is a great app music app where you can listen to thousands of online tracks from all over the world as well as audio from your device library. In Google Play Music, podcasts are free, you can find, play, subscribe, download, and stream them. Although Play Music offers some extra features with subscription, however, you can do a lot without a subscription. Currently, Podcasts are only available in the United States and Canada. Sorry iOS users, you can’t listen to podcasts in your Play Music app.

So, here is how to find, manage, and listen to podcasts in Google Play Music.

How to find and subscribe podcasts in Google Play Music

Play Music comes with Google’s product if Google’s products are installed in your device, then you can find the app in Google folder on your home screen.

1.    Tap on ‘Play Music’ app icon on your home screen or in the app drawer.


2.    Open Play Music ‘Menu’ by tapping the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top-left side of the main screen.

3.    Select ‘Podcasts’ from the menu.

4.    Podcasts will come up on your screen.

5.    Scroll through the podcasts to view more, or tap the ‘Search’ icon at the top to find your podcast.

6.    Tap the podcasts you find interesting or want to subscribe.

7.    Tap ‘Subscribe.’

8.    You will see confirmation popup on the screen with some settings.

9.    Enable ‘Auto-download’ option, if you want the latest episodes to download automatically on your device.

10.    Enable ‘Notifications,’ to be notified for new episodes. When a new episode uploads, you’ll get the notification.

11.    Tap on ‘Playback order’ to select an order to play the episodes from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

12.    Then tap ‘SUBSCRIBE.’

The selected podcast is successfully subscribed, now you can listen to its episodes. To add more podcasts follow the same procedure, by following the steps you can also unsubscribe them.

How to download podcasts in Google Play Music

If you want to download a podcast in your Play Music app, follow these steps.

Note: The episodes will remove automatically when you listen to them. This happens to create space for new episodes.

1.    Open ‘Play Music’ app.

2.    Find the episode you want to download.

3.    Tap the ‘Info’ icon of the episode.

4.    Tap ‘Download’ on the info page.

Steps to remove an episode manually

1.    Open ‘Play Music’ app.

2.    Tap the ‘Info’ icon.

3.    Select ‘Downloaded.’

4.    Find the episode you want to remove.

5.    Select ‘Remove.’

How to manage your subscribed podcasts in Google Play Music

If you want to change the settings for a podcast you have subscribed, follow these steps.

1.    Open ‘Play Music’ app.

2.    Open Play Music ‘Menu’ by tapping the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top-left side of the main screen.

3.    Select ‘Podcasts’ from the menu.

4.    Then select ‘Your Podcasts’ from the top of the screen.

5.    Scroll and find the podcast you want to manage settings.

6.    Tap on ‘More option’ icon of that podcast.

7.    Select ‘Manage subscription.’

8.    Enable or Disable ‘Auto-download’ option, to start or stop the auto download.

9.    Enable or Disable ‘Notifications,’ to start or stop notification for new episodes.

10.    Tap on ‘Playback order’ to change the play order for episodes.

11.    Tap ‘OK’ to save the settings.

Now, enjoy your favorite podcasts in your Google Play Music app.

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