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How to add resume to LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn has appeared as the largest and the most practical platform for the people dealing with their businesses or jobs. This platform is one of the great sources of interaction between the employers and employees. LinkedIn resume plays carries great importance whenever you are joining this platform as a job seeker.

Apart from your profile, it is your resume that let the employer know about your previous projects as well as the achievements you got while working previously.

However, when it comes to adding a resume to LinkedIn, people may ask how to upload resume or how to add resume to LinkedIn account. Here are the options available to you in regards with adding resume to your LinkedIn account.

Add resume to your profile:

The first and the simplest way of adding resume to your LinkedIn account is to add it your profile. For this purpose, what you need to do is simply scroll down your LinkedIn profile and go to the about section. Here you will find the add button. 

After clicking on the add button, you can browse and add your already written resume in the form of any file. LinkedIn allows you to add files, media, links and etc. However, it is better to add your resume in the form of word file.

But, it is necessary to keep in mind your privacy before going for this option, as anyone visiting your profile can download your resume.

Share your resume in the form of a post:

This method of sharing your resume can be more effective. In this method, you need to simply share your resume just like a LinkedIn post. You can do it this way.

First of all open your LinkedIn account and go for a new post. Starting a new post would provide you four options. You need to go for the last option that is share a document.

After selecting the share a document option, you can drag the document of your resume from the files saved in your device and upload here. Don't forget to save the document by your name so that everyone may find it easily.

Easy apply applications:

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, you can also go for another method for adding your resume to LinkedIn and that is through easy apply applications. Plus point for using is this method is that you can share multiple resumes through this way.

For using this method go to the jobs option in your LinkedIn account and apply for the jobs having easy apply applications option. Here you can use different resume for each job. LinkedIn will save up to five resumes you applied through recently.

This, you can apply for different positions using different resumes and you can quickly access these resumes by simply downloading them in order  to apply anywhere else.

Modify your profile:

In this option you are supposed to enter all of your resume data into your profile. After entering all the information in your profile, there is no need to upload or add your resume. 

You are supposed to adjust all of your resume data into your profile including your education, expertise or skills, experience, certifications, achievements and etc.

For the purpose of entering all this information, you can use relevant section of your LinkedIn profile.

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Importance of resume in regards with acquiring a job or job success can not be denied. A resume help your employer have a look at your competency and abilities related to the job you are looking for. Therefore, you must have a resume attached to your LinkedIn account


 If you are new to the LinkedIn platform and don't know how to make resume visible on LinkedIn, the methods of adding resume to your LinkedIn account as given above will make it easy for you. And you will get answer to the question how to add resume to LinkedIn.


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