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How to Apply Car Stickers Like a Pro – Some Tips

If you do not put it properly, your alluring car sticker may turn into a wrinkled clump. There are many ways to apply car stickers, with which you need to ensure a perfect fixation and excellent finish on the vehicle surface. Usually, this task is done by professional experts who have years of experience in sticker making and application. This article will discuss some important things to consider while you are applying car stickers that can add value to your vehicle.


Always start your work on a clean surface


You need to wash the surface of the vehicle well where you apply the sticker. You may use soap and clean water. You may also try out mild rubbing alcohol with a fine mixture of isopropyl alcohol along with water. You may try out a 50:50 alcohol and water solution for the best impact. After thoroughly cleaning the area of sticker fixation with soapy water, rinse the area thoroughly with clean water until you see a clean surface without any residue or remnants left. Never using any standard chemical window or floor cleaning products as these may leave some white residue which will adversely affect the sticker gum.


Apply the stickers during moderate temperature


For getting the best result, you may try to install the car sticker during the time of moderate atmospheric temperature. Always make sure your car is parked in a shaded area or at the garage while installing stickers. Don’t attempt it while your vehicle is left under direct sunlight. The ideal temperature when you attempt sticker application could be 50-degree Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Use the masking tapes effectively


Usage of masking tape will ensure that you position car stickers at the right area where you want to fix them. You may also leave the white paper backing in place facing the vehicle's surface where you apply it. With this one, you may position the car sticker as you want it to be. You may also place a piece of masking tape through the top edge of the sicker and see if it fixes properly to the location. Once it is kept in place, next, you can lift this as it is on the hinge and then peel off the backing paper once it is kept in place. Then hold it on to the bottom edge and slightly lower the sicker. Simultaneously use the thumb of your hand and press the sticker from the center out gradually towards the ends and then work the same from top to bottom.


The top two methods used for car sticker application are the wet sticker application and dry methods. For large stickers, using the wet application method is highly advisable. After cleaning the surface area well, you may wet the area by using a spray bottle and 95% water to 5% soap solution. The sticker also needed to be applied while the area is wet. This will ensure a better adhesion for bigger stickers and also will not let bubbles be trapped inside.


As you know the tips and tricks by now, you can attempt a sticker application on your own. However, if you are not confident, try to support an expert for sticker application and especially for sticker removal.



A vehicle sticker won't ever adhere well to a wet surface. Thus, you can either permit the region you cleaned to dry altogether or apply a dry towel to get things dry quicker before you proceed to utilize.

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