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How to assemble an LCD module correctly

Correctly assembling an LCD module can sometimes be tough and might require you to understand the whole procedure in steps. Here is a list of steps you need to follow to make sure that you have correctly assembled the LCD module.

Here are some precautions one has to take to correctly assemble the TFT LCD module:

  1. LCD modules are designed and assembled in a very careful manner and these can only be processed or repaired by a certified professional.
  2. While assembling the module you must ensure that you do not twist or disassemble the outer frame on your own will, as it is very sensitive.
  3. The shape of the PCB board should not be modified or changed, the same goes for the components and for the assembly whole circuit.
  4. For the TFT LCD modules which have an iron frame, the conductive tape should not be modified or removed.
  5. The internal supports of the LCD module should not be modified either.
  6. Lastly, you should make sure that no one touches, bends, twists or breaks the module.

After the assembly of the TFT LCD module which was done while ensuring that the precautions are being taken along, attention towards the following must also be given.

  1. Make sure that when the module is being used to give access to power or to disconnect the power a proper sequence must be followed. The signal level of the LCD module has to be input into the positive power supply. Moreover, if after the stable power supply the signal level is connected, not only the module will be damaged but the integrated circuit of the module will also be damaged.
  2. If you have defined setting regarding the contrast, temperature, angle of view, voltage or other parameters too high, remember that it will not only affect the display that will also affect the life of the display device.
  3. You should know that the response would be slow when the lower range is used until the specified operating temperature. However, if the upper limit of the specified operating temperature is used or reaches to maximum the whole display will become black. Ensure that this is not because the device is damaged. To come back to normal, you must restore the range of the temperature. When the upper limit of the specified operating temperature range is used, the whole display surface will become black, which is not damaged, restore the temperature range, can return to normal.
  4. Pressing hard on the display part of the TFT LCD module can cause an abnormal display. However, if the power is cut out you need to know that this will restore back to normal once the supply is connected back.
  5. Make sure that you do not turn on the LCD module when you see that the module or the display device is fogged. As this could break the wire by having a chemical reaction of electrodes.

Good luck with assembling your LCD module!

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