How to Assemble Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets

Forevermark carpentry options wood construction, superior hardware, sturdy paints and finishes, we have a tendency to fastidiously styleevery distinctive vogue to create your room stands outhaving the selection between able to assemble cupboards orabsolutely assembled permits you to possess additional choices. If you have a classic or traditional kitchen design in mind, then ice Shaker kitchen cabinets by Forevermark are an ideal selection.

These real and gorgeous kitchen cupboards can ne’er move out of favor with their unchanged beauty. Forevermark cabinets have enduring quality and high sturdiness to accommodate any style of architecture. Enhance your room and residential with the class of our Forevermark woodwork.

Steps for installing ice white shaker cabinets


Measure and Mark the Wall:

Measure the height of the base cabinets. Most standard cabinets are 34-1/2” high. Add 1-1/2” for a standard countertop and 18 inches for the standard backsplash, (though a few designers now want a 20-inch backsplash to make room for small appliances). With an 18-inch backsplash, the overall measurement should be 54 inches from the floor to the bottom of the upper cabinets. If your flooring is not level, make sure that you measure from the highest point along the wall.

Draw a horizontal line across the wall at this 54-inch point which will function as a guide for hanging the cabinets. Make sure to use a level to assure this line is true horizontal.

Use a stud finder to search the wall studs. The wall studs are crucial to correctly strengthen the weight of the cabinets. Note: Pay careful attention to the placement of all electrical wiring and plumbing.


Secure Ledger Board:

Secure a ledger (support) board to the wall, screwing it into the marked studs to temporarily support the weight of the cabinets during the installation. Make sure the doors and hardware are removed from the cabinets to cause them to be lighter and easier to install.

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Hang the Wall Cabinets:

Attach as many cabinets together as you’ll be able to safely lift and install on the ledger board — usually two. Use clamps to fix the stiles (the vertical pieces on the face of the cabinet frames) of the cabinets together and check for plumb, ensuring the fronts of the cabinets are flush.

Next, predrill and secure the 2 cabinets together at the stile with the screws. Affix one screw at the top and bottom in the front and back where the two cabinets meet.

Lift the cabinets onto the ledger board and check for plumb and level. Shim the cabinets if necessary.

Once you have shimmed for plumb and level, secure the cabinets into the wall on the studs. Make sure to predrill and affix the screws through the thicker framing piece along the top of the cabinets.

Check for plumb and level at the same time as you’re securing the cabinets. Repeat this procedure for all of the wall cabinets. If a gap exists between wall and the last cabinet, use a filler bar (supplied by the manufacturer) to enclose the gap. Prior to securing the last cabinet, measure, mark, cut and secure this piece to the side of the last cabinet.

After all of the cabinets are in place, attach the doors and hardware. Remove the ledger board when you’re completed installing the wall cabinets.


Install Base Cabinets:

If the floor isn’t level, find the highest point in the floor along the wall where the cabinets will be installed. It’s best possible to try to start the base cabinet installation as close to this high point as possible — it’s easier to shim under the cabinets on the lower spots to make them level with this first one, rather than beginning on a low point and having to trim the bottoms of the cabinets while working “uphill”.

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Measure base cabinets and use the pencil and level to mark a level line on the wall from the high point in the floor to the cabinet height. Make sure to use a level to assure this line will be true horizontal. This is the guide to be followed for installation.

Use the stud finder to find and mark the studs along this line around the room.

Dry fit your first cabinet into position and check for level across the top. If needed, shim until level.

Now, predrill through the top framing piece into the wall studs (as shown) and secure the cabinet into position with screws. Re-check level after securing the cabinet.

Repeat this process till all of the base cabinets are installed. Attach the doors and hardware after all of your cabinets are in place.

Now we’ll walk through the major pros with a few added tips for ordering Forevermark Cabinets.

Considerable Pros

Cost Efficient: These cabinets are super cost efficient. I haven’t done a direct cabinet-by-cabinet comparison to other, but I recall that they are fairly comparable. We purchased a lot of cabinets, including primarily base cabinets with drawers, a pantry unit, an island panel, filler pieces, three refrigerator panels, and a few custom pieces.

Quality Construction: the cupboards are solid wood with dovetail drawers. They’re assembled via a lockup system, that is super secure. Having place along quite my justifiable share of Ikea piece of furniture, I think about the lockup system on the Forevermark cabinetwork cupboards to be safer than the overall cam lock system. Adding wood glue throughout assembly makes them even stronger. the sole exception to the “solid wood” is that the cupboards we tend to have painted doors. The goal is to cut back paint cracking, then so much we tend to haven’t had one crack despite year spherical temperature swings.
Details: Soft-close drawers return commonplace (at least for ours). Also, the edges of every cupboard and therefore the insides of the cupboards are finished. No would like for finish panels. and that they have plenty of smart add-on choices like pull out drawers for the buttery unit and choices for trim items.
Perfect paint: The white cupboards we tend to pick are a real white. we tend to receive door samples from multiple corporations then several of the white doors looked cream, off-white, or dingy. These cupboards are a bright (but not shocking) white.

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Some add-ons are often found less expensive on web sites aside from the cupboard site. as an example, the soft-close hinges were cheaper through Amazon and that we purchased our garbage pull-out insert and spice-pull-out insert from another web site for fewer.

The directions that include the cupboards don’t seem to be significantly useful. It takes longer. Any time you style your own room it’ll be slower than having an expert copulate for you. Same goes for building your own cupboards. simply be ready to feature in beyond regular time for each coming up with, operating with the website’s cupboard designer on changes, then the shipping/building time.


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